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Sharing New 360 Reports

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About Sharing Your New 360 Subject Reports

When your subject report is finished, you’ll want to share it with subjects and possibly managers. We advise making the report available in the participant portal using the report options, but it’s also possible for a 360 project administrator to export copies of subject reports to PDF as needed.

Qtip: This support page is for the user building 360 projects and reports. If you are a subject interested in viewing your report, head to your participant portal.

Exporting Reports to PDF

You can save a subject report as a PDF file. Once the report is saved this way, you can send it to colleagues or print it as needed.

On the right in the toolbar, "view from" dropdown has a subject selected; next row down on toolbar of left, complete opposite side, PDF icon

  1. First, make sure you’ve selected the desired subject.
  2. Navigate to the toolbar and select the PDF icon.

Qtip: If you’ve prepared a translated version of the report, you can export this to PDF by choosing a language from the dropdown before you export the report to PDF.

Language dropdown on right side of report toolbar

Viewing and Exporting Reports from the Participants Tab

You can also find a subject’s report in the Participants tab of your 360 project. Not only can your export a PDF from here, but you can also release a report on an individual subject’s portal so they can access it themselves.

For more information, see one of the following support pages:

Participant dropdown menu options within the Participants tab

Making Reports Available in the Participant Portal

We recommend setting it up so that reports will automatically become available to subjects and / or managers in their participant portal. The participant portal is the same place they log in to complete 360 surveys and nominate evaluators, so releasing reports here can be a convenient means of getting all their necessary 360 information in one place.

You can set up the conditions under which a report is released, or simply allow all 360 subjects to access their reports at the same time. To learn how to set up these options, see the Report Options support page.