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Star Rating Widget (CX)

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About Star Rating Widgets

The star rating widget displays data from rating questions as stars. The widget includes a graphic star scale, a numeric average value, and a breakdown of individual star ratings.

Star Rating widget

Qtip: The star rating widget can be used with data from any numerical ranking question even if the original question was not a start-style slider question.

Field Type Compatibility

The star rating widget is compatible with the Number Set field type only.

Only Number Sets will be available when selecting the Source for the star rating widget.

Widget Customization

For basic widget instructions and customization, visit the Building Widgets support page. Continue reading for widget-specific customization.


Under the Source dropdown, choose a number set field to display in the star rating widget. This is the minimum setup you must do to display data in the widget.

Qtip: You may see a message that reads “The number of ratings in your data source (6) is greater than the number of stars you want to display (5). Change the maximum number of stars to be equal to or greater than the number of values. Alternatively, recode your values to properly display this widget.” This means you either need to adjust the maximum number of stars (described below) or adjust how your field is recoded in the dashboard settings.

Formatting Options

In this section you will have the ability to change the maximum number of stars (for use when the scale on your question has more or less values than the default of 5) and the number of decimal places displayed in the average numerical value. In addition, you will be able to change what information is displayed on the widget as well as the arrangement of the numeric average and the breakdown.
Formatting Options section in righthand editing pane

Color Scheme

In this section you have the ability to set the color for the number, star, and line sections of the widget separately.
Color Scheme section in righthand editing pane