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Formatting Questions


Once you’ve created a question, you can customize it to fit your survey. Qualtrics gives you lots of formatting options, from changing the look of your questions to adding logic and validation.

To format a question

  1. Navigate to the Survey module.image14
  2. Click directly on the question you want to edit.image12
  3. Use the options in the question Editing Pane to adjust the question.image13

Changing the Question Type

Qualtrics offers a variety of question types, such as Text Entry, Matrix Table, and Hot Spot (for a full list of question types, see our Question Types Overview).

You can see the question type selected by clicking on any question and viewing the Change Question Type menu in the question Editing Pane.


To change the question type

Warning: Be mindful of changing question types after you have begun collecting data, as this could invalidate results.
  1. Click the Change Question Type menu.image03
  2. Hover over any question type to bring up an example.image10
  3. Choose a question type from the list (to see more variations, click the dropdown arrow next to any question type).image01

Qtip: You can also specify a question type when creating a new question by clicking the dropdown arrow to the right of the Create a New Question button.


Editing Question Text

When formatting your question text, you have five main tools and shortcuts:

  • Rich Content Editor: Allows you to further edit your text and apply formatting, such as bolding and italics.
  • Piped Text: Opens a dropdown menu that gives options for piping text code into a question. A piped text code allows you to dynamically pull text from a previous question, contact list field, or Embedded Data field and display it in the current question.
  • Normal View: The normal typing view of the question text field.
  • HTML View: Allows you to see and edit the underlying HTML of the question text. This is the equivalent of clicking Source in the Rich Content Editor.
  • Remove Formatting: Removes all formatting tags in the question. This tab only appears if local formatting has been applied to the question.

Editing Question Labels

In addition to question text, you can also edit the Question Label. The Question Label will change the question titles that appear in logic menus, Survey Flow, and data exports (rather than the actual text of your question, which is the default). Question Labels are especially useful when you have questions with a lot of text or text that is similar to other questions.

When editing question text, a light-colored label tag icon is visible in the bottom left corner. Click it to type an alternate Question Label for your question. This label does not display to the survey takers; it is only for your own internal use.


Adding and Editing Answer Choices

To add new answer choices, select the question and then click the Choices plus sign or type the number of answer choices you want directly in the value box. You can also add answer choices if you hit the return key while editing an answer choice.


To remove answer choices, click the question and then click the Choices minus sign or type the desired number directly in the value box. You can also remove an answer choice if you delete the choice text and hit the delete key again.


For more information on editing answer choices, view our Formatting Answer Choices page.

Adding Validation

Worried about respondents skipping over some of the questions in your survey? Add validation to increase response rates and ensure that the content of a response makes sense. For more information, see our page on Validation.

Question Actions

When formatting a question, you’ll find a list of question actions on the bottom right of the question Editing Pane. Use these actions to perform quick tasks like adding logic, inserting a page break, and writing notes for yourself or other collaborators.

Other features like Carry Forward, Recode Values, and Randomization can be found in the Question Options gearbox to the left of any question.


  • Add Page Break: Insert a Page Break below the selected question.
  • Add Display Logic: Show or hide the selected question based on specified conditions.
  • Add Skip Logic: Skip the respondent to a later point in the survey if they answer the selected question a certain way.
  • Copy Question: Create a duplicate below the selected question.
  • Move Question: Relocate the selected question to a designated spot in the survey. When clicked, the selected question will turn blue, allowing you to drag and drop it wherever you would like to move it. This is best for moving questions across multiple questions or blocks.
  • Add Note: Make internal notes or comments on the selected question (especially helpful when multiple people are working on the same survey because it allows other users to respond to your notes and add comments of their own).
  • Preview Question: See how the selected question will look to your respondents without previewing the entire survey.
Qtip: Some questions and functionality will need to be previewed on the block or survey level in order to experience fully.

Question-Specific Options

Many question types will have additional formatting options within the question Editing Pane, located to the right of the question. For more information on how to format a specific question type, view our Question Types Overview.