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User Types

User Types

Setting user permissions one account at a time can be tedious. Through User Types, you can quickly update and maintain permissions for many users at once. User Types are sets of permissions that can be assigned to user accounts. Whenever you want to make a widespread permission change, just edit the User Type and all associated user accounts will update automatically.

Creating a New User Type

  1. Navigate to the Administration section and click User Types.image00
  2. Click Create a New User Type.image03
  3. Name the User Type and enable/disable permissions as desired.image01
  4. Click Save.image02

Setting a Default User Type

If your users are creating accounts via the Self-Enrollment feature, they will automatically be assigned a default User Type. You can specify which User Type will act as the default by checking the box under the Self-Enrollment column. The User Type that has that box checked is the User Type that will be assigned to self-enrolled users.


Assigning a User Type

Qtip: Changing the User Type of a user will automatically update the user’s permissions without needing to manually change each permission.
  1. Navigate to the Administration section and click Users.image00
  2. Click on the username of the desired account.image06
  3. Click on the User Type dropdown list.image04
  4. Select the User Type you would like to apply.image07
    Qtip: If you would like to use a user type that isn’t default read about creating a new user type.
  5. Click Save.image09