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Info Bar Creative

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About Info Bar Creatives

The Info Bar takes the form of a banner along the top or bottom of a webpage, attracting the visitor’s attention without disrupting their viewing experience. It is commonly used for announcements and notifications; for example, explaining your Cookie policy or announcing a new product.

A dark info bar along the top of the support site advertising community

Qtip: The Info Bar can be great for targeting mobile devices because other Creatives (such as Pop Overs and Sliders) may cover too much of the small screen.

How It Works

The Info Bar displays a banner across the top or bottom of your page and automatically adjusts to the visitor’s browser size. It can also be animated so it slides onto the screen, instead of appearing abruptly.

The support site

An info bar slides down over the top of the support site

Additionally, you are able to select whether you want the Info Bar to cover up the content at the top of the page, or push everything under it so that nothing is hidden.

Setting Up Your Info Bar

For the basics of building your Info Bar, refer to the Edit Creative Section support page. Below are editing options unique to Info Bars.


The Anchor option lets you decide if the Info Bar should be fixed to the top or bottom of the page.

the anchor is set to bottom, and so the info bar appears at the bottom of the webpage

When you select other items on your Info Bar, such as text boxes, you may anchor them to the left, right, or center of the screen. The center anchor will not let you move the content off-center, making it a perfect means of adjusting where your content falls.

A text box anchored Center

Since the Info Bar will automatically adjust itself to fit the visitor’s browser window, anchoring will help maintain your items’ relative locations. For example, if content is anchored to the left, when the visitor stretches their browser window, your Info Bar content will remain the same distance from the left side of the screen.

As the screen is stretched, the text stays anchored to the left, seeming to travel with the left side of the screen and de-center it

With left anchoring, regardless of browser width, this text box will always be the same distance from the left of the screen.

Info Bar Options

The following settings can be found in the Creative Options menu and are unique to an Info Bar:

InfoBar Display

Info Bar display options function the same as all Creatives’ Timing Options. See the linked page for more.

Animate InfoBar

When selected, the Info Bar will slide onto the page instead of appearing abruptly. This effect is an easier transition and draws the visitor’s eye.

Animate InfoBar option is selected

Insert Into Page Body

When selected, Insert Into Page Body pushes site content down to make room for the Info Bar, rather than covering page content.

Insert Into Page Body option is indicated but not selected


Previewing an Info Bar works the same as previewing any other Creative.