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Website / App Feedback Administration

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Attention: Some of the links on this page go out to the Survey Platform pages. That is because administration for the Survey Platform is the same as administration for Website Feedback, excluding the special Website Feedback features detailed on this page.


The Admin page allows you to manage your users and how they interact with Website / App Feedback Projects. It also allows you to track the statistics of your projects, creatives, and intercepts.

Admin page is indicated in the top left

If you do not have access to this page, you’re not an administrator for your organization’s Website / App Feedback license. Anyone with administrative access will be able to change and update the Organization Settings.


The Reports tab allows you to view the statistics and data relevant to your organization’s usage of Website / App Feedback Projects. To better understand what statistics you’re seeing, check out our support pages on Creative StatisticsIntercept Statistics, and Project Statistics.

To access the report with Website / App Feedback data, navigate to the Legacy Report.
Legacy Report is indicated in the Reports section of the Admin page

The Website / App Feedback section is at the bottom of your Legacy Report. The graph at the top displays the total number of Page Views for your intercepts. This total is across all projects within your organization.

A section titled Website / App Feedback with a blue graph above columns of data

The Projects section allows you to view the number of Page Views, Impressions, and Clicks recorded for all intercepts within that project. It also reports a click-through percentage, which is the recorded number of Clicks divided by Impressions.

Intercepts data table

The Intercepts section allows you to view the number of Impressions and Clicks, broken down by each individual Intercept. The Creatives section displays the same statistics, broken down by each Creative.

Projects & 360 Billing

These tabs are only relevant to users of the 360 and Employee Engagement platforms.


You can create, edit, and assign user types to your users in the Users tab of the Admin page.

Users tab on the Admin page

You can edit any existing user account (i.e., to enable Website / App Feedback access) as long as they are in your brand. You can edit a user by searching for and identifying the user, and simply clicking on the username. Managing Users is exactly the same in Website / App Feedback as it is in the Survey Platform, with the main differences being the permissions you will use.

Site Intercept / Website Feedback Permissions

You can turn any Website / App Feedback permission on or off from the As Type default.

the website feedback section of the user permissions page
For information about each permission and what they enable, read the Website Feedback section of the User Permissions Page.

Qtip: Once you set these permissions, you can also use the Project Users section of a project to determine even more specifically who has access to your project and what they can do in it.

User Types

User Types are sets of permissions that can be assigned to user accounts.

Groups & Group Types

You can use Groups to allow two or more users to share projects, graphics, files, and messages in Libraries. Users within Groups can also share contact lists in their Contacts page. Groups can include everyone in your organization, everyone in a specific Division, or only specific users that you manually select.

Group Types, similar to User Types, are sets of permissions that determine what a user is allowed to do with content owned by a Group. The Group Type permissions will apply to all Group members, unless otherwise specified for an individual member.

Coupon Codes

Coupon Codes (or Upgrade Codes) make managing user permissions easier. Rather than changing permissions one-by-one for several users, you can create Coupon Codes that change User Type or Division. Once you’ve created the code, you simply email it to your users and they’ll enter the code into their account to update permissions on their existing accounts, or use these codes during the sign-up process.


The Security tab is an additional feature you can purchase access to. It allows you to manage additional security settings, the ability to track which users are logged in, add more requirements to passwords, modify how many failed logins lead to an account lockout, and so much more.

Attention: The Security tab is a premium feature. If you do not have access and would like to purchase access or receive a demo, contact your Account Executive.

Organization Settings

Organization Settings tab in the Admin section

Organization Settings are located in the Admin page of your account, and you can find the Website / App Feedback-specific settings under the Projects tab. This section houses settings that will apply to the entire organization. If you cannot view this section, you’re not an administrator for your organization’s Website / App Feedback license. Anyone with administrative access will be able to change and update the Organization Settings.

Website / App Feedback settings in the Projects section of the Organization Settings page

Adobe Analytics Variable

If you’re running Adobe Analytics on your website, there are usually several variables that Website / App Feedback can read and use for targeting visitors and embedded data. By default, these variables have an “s” preceding the variable name. For example: “s.eVar1”.

However, some organizations have set a different prefix in Adobe for their variables (i.e., “q.eVar1”) and may find that Website / App Feedback cannot utilize the Adobe Analytics variables on the webpage. If you do use a custom prefix in Adobe Analytics, you’ll need to also enter it here in the Organization Settings.

Maximum storage size (bytes)

This setting allows you to set a cap on how large Website / App Feedback cookies or session storage can be when your Intercept’s action set logic is based off of Site History or Page Count. This is particularly important if you have several services running on your site utilizing their own cookies. To change these settings simply enter your desired maximum size, and then click the green Save button.

Qtip: Website / App Feedback project creators can also set maximum storage size on a project-level.
Attention: No limit is enforced on the size of the event tracker cookie.

Enable Website / App Feedback

Warning: Do not deselect Enable Website / App Feedback! It will shut down Website / App Feedback on the entire brand and prevent you from using the software!

Establishing an Approval Process

The approval process in Website / App Feedback prevents intercepts and creatives from being published without approval from a specified member of your organization. This prevents some users in your organization from being able to make incorrect changes that affect the content on your site and requires a review to be made before changes are pushed live to your site.

The approval process is turned on at the project level and affects all intercepts and creatives in that project.

To get started, check out the Approval Process support page.