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Triggering and Emailing Surveys


Trigger and Email Survey is used to automatically send surveys when a Workflow Rule is met in Salesforce. The Workflow Rule might be an event such as a case being closed or an opportunity that is won. There are other methods of sending surveys as a part of your salesforce integration, for these options check out our page on Other Salesforce Distribution Methods.  Qualtrics can also map survey responses back to Salesforce, for more information on this view Response Mapping.

How It Works

Trigger and Email Survey sends transactional surveys. With a transactional survey, individual participants receive a survey as soon as they qualify within Salesforce.

There are three steps to setting up a Trigger and Email Survey. First you’ll need to set up a Workflow Rule in Salesforce. Then in Qualtrics you’ll create a message for the Survey Invitation. Finally, you’ll create and apply a Workflow Action.

Qtip: The following steps require a Salesforce instance with access to Workflows and Approvals. If your instance doesn’t have this access, contact your Salesforce Administrator for help.

Setting up a Salesforce Workflow Rule

A Workflow Rule is a set of criteria created in Salesforce. When the criteria have been met, an action is triggered. For example, the criteria might be that a case is marked as closed, and the action would be to have Qualtrics send a support feedback survey.

To set up a Salesforce Workflow Rule

  1. Click Setup in Salesforce.
  2. Click Create in the menu to the left, and then click Workflows & Approvals.

  3. Select Workflow Rules.image11
  4. Click New Rule.image23
  5. Select the Object to which the rule will apply, then click Next.
    In this example, we want to send a survey when a case is closed, so we select Case.
  6. Create a Rule Name, and optionally a Description.image20
  7. Set Rule Criteria to determine when a survey invitation will be triggered.image19In this example, a survey will be sent every time a case is set to closed.
  8. Click Save & Next.image24

Creating the Survey Invitation

Once you’ve set up a Workflow Rule in Salesforce, it’s time to set up a Survey Invitation in Qualtrics. This Survey Invitation will only be sent if the Workflow Rule criteria has been met in Salesforce, and if Salesforce sends Qualtrics the Outbound Message URL (see steps below).

To set up the Survey Invitation

  1. Navigate to the Survey module and select Tools.
  2. From the Salesforce menu, select Trigger and Email Survey.image08
  3. Select the Salesforce Object that uses your Workflow Rule.image16
  4. Set Email Field to look to the correct field in your object for the email address.image10
  5. Set a contact list to save each recipient’s personal information.image17
    Qtip: For more information about these optional fields, view Object Field Options.
  6. Create an survey invitation message, filling in the From Name, Reply-To Email, Subject, and Message.image09
    Qtip: Optionally, choose to Send a Reminder for those who don’t respond to the survey by checking the Send Reminder box and filling out the appropriate fields.


  7. Enter a Debug Email to receive a confirmation email every time a survey is triggered, and a diagnostic email any time there is an error.image07
  8. Click Save.image13

The Outbound Message URL will be used in Salesforce Workflow Action. Salesforce uses this URL to alert Qualtrics any time a person qualifies to receive a survey invitation.


Saving Object Fields to a Contact List

To insert objects or fields into contact lists or store them as Embedded Data, you must meet two conditions:

If these conditions are met, all object fields visible to the Salesforce API will be captured and stored in Qualtrics as a part of the designated contact list. Optionally, you can specify which of the object fields you would like Qualtrics to use as the designated First Name, Last Name, and Language fields in the contact.


These First Name, Last Name, and Language fields are special fields that Qualtrics uses to populate certain parts of the contact list interface. If you do not specify these fields, then those parts of the contact list interface will be empty.


Qtip: If you would like to include fields from a Salesforce object in your data set, set those fields as Embedded Data in your Survey Flow. To see which fields can be saved as Embedded Data click Show available embedded data.


Adding the Workflow Action

Now that you’ve created a Workflow Rule in Salesforce, created the Survey Invitation message in Qualtrics, and generated the Outbound Message URL, it’s time to complete the final step  setting up the Workflow Action. This action tells Salesforce what to do once the Workflow criteria is met. For example, the action might be for Qualtrics to send a survey invitation.

To set up the Workflow Action

  1. For your newly created Workflow Rule, click Add Workflow Action, and then select New Outbound Message.image00
  2. Name the Outbound Message.image18
  3. Paste the Outbound Message URL from Qualtrics into the Endpoint URL field.image01
  4. Click Save.image15
  5. Select Activate to turn on the Workflow Rule.image05

Testing and Troubleshooting

Once your Workflow Rule, Survey Invitation, and Workflow Action are all set up, the survey is ready to go. Every time the Workflow Rule in Salesforce is met a survey invitation will be sent.

If emails are not sending as expected, and if the debug email is not able to provide a clear reason why, check the following items to identify the cause of failure.

Troubleshooting in Qualtrics

Survey activation. Qualtrics can’t send a survey until that survey has been activated. Your survey is activated as soon as you select a distribution method for your survey. Make sure your survey has been activated before troubleshooting.

Survey owner linked to Salesforce. When connecting with Salesforce, Qualtrics always checks the Salesforce credentials of the original survey owner. If you are setting up the Salesforce Integration and the survey has been shared with you, make sure the original survey owner also links their Qualtrics account to your Salesforce instance.

Storing participants in a contact list. If you’re saving recipients to a contact list, check the Distribution History. The Email History will track if the distribution was sent or not.

If the distribution was sent, there may be an issue with email deliverability. Visit our page on Custom From Addresses to get some tips on improving email deliverability.

If the distribution was not sent, has the survey been shared with you?

  • If the survey has been shared, check with the original survey owner to ensure that they have given you permission to distribute the survey. To see where the original survey owner can give you this permission, visit our Sharing a Project page.
  • If the survey has not been shared, the issue may be due to an error in Salesforce, and the troubleshooting items below should be reviewed.

Troubleshooting in Salesforce

Email. Is Qualtrics looking at the correct field to find the email address? Qualtrics can only send a survey if it can find an email address as specified in the steps above.

Workflow activity. Just like surveys have to be active to collect responses, a Workflow Rule has to be active before it will send survey requests to Qualtrics. To see how a Workflow Rule is activated, view the steps above.

Workflow Rule fires. Set up another simple Workflow Action and see what happens when the Workflow Rule is met. Does this other action fire properly?

  • If the Workflow Action fires, continue troubleshooting below.
  • If the Workflow Action doesn’t fire, there is an issue with your Workflow Rule conditions. Check these conditions to ensure they are correct.

Locked IP address. Have a Salesforce Administrator open the Setup section of Salesforce. In the Security Controls area, go to Session Settings and make sure the box for “Lock sessions to the IP address from which they originated” is unchecked.

Additional Troubleshooting

Outbound URL. Ensure that the appropriate Outbound URL has been successfully pasted into the Workflow Action, as shown in the steps above. If this link is missing or is incorrect, Qualtrics won’t know to send surveys when the Workflow Rule is met.

Correct Salesforce object. If the Workflow Rule and Trigger and Email Survey refer to different Salesforce objects, Qualtrics won’t have access to the needed email address to send the survey. Confirm that the Trigger and Email Survey is referring to the correct object.