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Results-Reports Pages

What's on This Page:

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About Results-Reports Pages

You can analyze your data and create insightful graphs and tables on your results-reports’ pages. You can use these pages to visualize and explore, or you can export and share them.

Custom vs. Question

Question pages are default pages that the Results section generates for you. The visualizations on a question page can only show data for the corresponding question. You can’t change the data source of a visualization on a question page.

Custom pages, on the other hand, are blank pages where you can build visualizations for whatever questions you want.

Both types of pages are customizable and able to hold as many visualizations as you want to add. Additionally, custom pages have a few more page options, such as renaming and being deleted.

Creating Custom Pages

You can create a new custom page by clicking Create Custom Page in green. You may add up to 16 custom pages in your report.

on the menu to the left, there is a Create Custom Page button

To change the name of your custom page, click on the name of the page inside the report editor.

page name highlighted and edited towards the top of the page

Page Options

When you click Page Options, the following menu will appear:

page options at the top-right pf every page

  • Export Page As: Save your page as a PDF, Word, Powerpoint, or CSV document.
  • Move to Top: This will make your page the first in your list of pages.
  • Move to Bottom: This will make your page last in your list of pages.
    Qtip: Remember that custom pages can be moved amongst each other, but not mixed with question pages, and vice versa.
  • Hide Page: Exclude your page from your published and exported reports.
  • Delete Page: Delete your page. This is only an option for custom pages.

Adding Visualizations

Attention: Results-Reports have a limit of 28 visualizations per page.
  1. After navigating to the bottom of the desired page, click Add Visualization.
    add visualization button in the center of the page's bottom
  2. Click the Data Source dropdown and select which question, survey metadata, or embedded data the visualization should display.
    all the options in the visualization editing pane
  3. Adjust your visualization settings as needed. For more information, check out the Visualizations Overview page.
  4. Repeat these steps as desired to add as many visualizations as you want.
Qtip: Any changes you make are saved automatically.

Adding Images and Text

In addition to data visualizations, you can add general information paragraphs, linked text, and images to your reports.

  1. After navigating to the bottom of the desired page, click Add Visualization.
    add note button bottom center of page
  2. Type out a message and use the rich text editor above to change the fonts.
    rich content editor on the add note function
  3. If you want to insert a picture, click this button.
  4. If you want to insert a hyperlink, highlight the text, then click this link.
  5. Click this icon to remove the note or to export it to an image file.
    three dots button on upper-right of note has an export as image file option

For more assistance on editing text and inserting images, please visit the linked Rich Content Editor page.

Moving and Managing Pages

Rearrange the order of our pages by clicking the page on the left navigation pane. Then drag the page to the desired spot. A gray outline will represent where the page will be placed when you release the button.

reordering pages on the menu to the left

Qtip: Custom pages can only be switched around with other custom pages. Question pages can only be switched around with other question pages. The two cannot be mixed together.

To hide a page, hover over the page and deselect the checkbox.

deselected page on the menu to the left has been greyed out and is indicated hidden by a yellow banner in the center of the page

To move visualizations around the page, click on or hover over the visualization. Then click the up and down arrows in the upper-left corner.

arrows in upper-left of the visualization

Qtip: Having trouble navigating to a page? Use the search bar to find it!
search bar above search bar on the left