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Survey Tools Overview

Survey Tools are features to help you create surveys and give them advanced functionality. These features include options like Auto-Number Questions, Email Triggers, Quotas, Translations, and Scoring. You can access the Survey Tools by clicking on Tools in the Survey module.image00The following are the different Survey Tools available:

  • Auto-Number Questions: Change the Question Numbers for all of your questions. You can auto-number sequentially, by block, or by the internal ID number.
  • Search And Replace: Quickly find specific words in a survey and replace them with another word.
  • Strip Formatting: Remove all formatting from the selected questions. Use this option if questions in your survey have different fonts or styles that you want to remove.
    Example: If I copy and paste an article from a website, I can use Strip Formatting to remove all the styling (bolds, italics, font sizes, etc.) from the pasted content. I can then format the content to match my survey.
  • Test Survey: Generate automated dummy responses for your survey to see what the dataset and report will look like before sending the survey to actual participants.
  • Check Survey Accessibility: Determine whether your survey is accessible for respondents who use screen readers, and receive suggestions for improving your survey’s accessibility.
  • Triggers: Every time a response is submitted, automatically send emails through the Email Trigger or add respondents to a contact list through the Contact List Trigger.
  • Salesforce: Integrate survey information with your Salesforce database through the Response Mapping and Triggering Surveys features.

    Qtip: Salesforce Integration is an add-on feature. Talk to your account representative to learn more.

  • Quotas: Create and monitor quotas on your surveys.
  • Scoring: Assign point values to answer choices to use your survey as a test or quiz.
  • Translate Survey: Translate your survey into multiple languages, allowing respondents to choose which language to view the survey in.
  • Create New Revision: Save a revision of your survey in order to view and restore it later if needed. By default, Qualtrics will also periodically create revisions for you that can be viewed and restored.
  • View Revision History: See past revisions of your survey and, if desired, restore them so they become the current survey revision.
  • Print Survey: Use this option to print or save a PDF version of your survey. This PDF file can also be exported to your computer or mobile device.
  • Export Survey to Word: Export your survey as a DOCX Word document that contains the plain text of your survey questions and answer choices.
    Qtip: The exportable Word document can also be used as a “data dictionary” or “codebook” for those who need to know which recode values are associated with each answer choice.
  • Export Survey: Export your survey as a QSF file to be imported into another account.
  • Import Survey: Import a survey from a QSF or TXT file.
    Qtip: You can use the export and import options to transfer a copy of your survey file from one account to another without having to share the project.