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Adding Directory Contacts

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Qtip: XM Directory is an improvement upon the old Target Audience, with user interface (UI) changes made to integrate more seamlessly with the XM platform. If you do not have XM Directory and would like to purchase access, contact your Account Executive.

About Adding Directory Contacts

The Directory Contacts tab contains all the contacts added to your organization’s directory. Any contacts added to a mailing list are added to this directory automatically, but you can also add people straight to the directory itself by using the Add Directory Contacts button.

Green Add Directory Contacts button in the upper-right of the Directory Contacts tab

Qtip: Contacts added to the directory are visible to every user in the brand.
Qtip: Before adding any new contacts, be sure to check out your Automatic Deduplication settings, which you can find in the Advanced Options on this page or on the Directory Settings tab. Your settings on this page will determine how duplicate contacts in your Directory are consolidated.

Available Fields

Whether you’re uploading a CSV or TSV of contacts or manually typing them out, there is certain information you must include for your contacts.

A CSV with all the columns listed below

  • FirstName: The contact’s first name.
  • LastName: The contact’s last name.
  • Email: The contact’s email address. This field is required if your organization is using Automatic Deduplication.
  • ExternalDataReference: Extra information about the contact. This is most often used to store data such as an employee or student ID. It can be used to log into authenticators.
  • Embedded Data: Embedded Data are additional fields containing whatever field you want. These do not have to follow a particular naming convention. In the screenshot above, Department, City, and Country are all Embedded Data.
    Qtip: Embedded Data names have a maximum of 200 characters. Values should be a maximum of 1024 characters each.
    Warning: All Embedded Data fields were previously case-sensitive. For a vast majority of users, Embedded Data is no longer case-sensitive, meaning “test” and “Test” would be treated as the same field. However, we still advise matching cases as a best practice, since there is a small portion of accounts where this change has not been made.
    Warning: Do not use Points as a Embedded Data field since it is a reserved field in the XM Directory. Additionally, do not use any of the other Qualtrics default fields.
Qtip: If you are including these fields in your file, your column titles must perfectly match these names in capitalization and spacing. The only exception is Embedded Data.
Warning: ContactID is a reserved field and should not be used.

In addition to these fields, you can include a column for Language based on the available language codes, and Phone, the contact’s phone number.

Upload a File

  1. Click Add Directory Contacts.
    Green Add Directory Contacts button in the upper-right of the Directory Contacts tab
  2. Click Upload a File.
    Upload file option on the left of the Add Contacts window
  3. In Excel, create a document with the required fields and save it as a CSV or TSV. Or, click Example Document, fill out the appropriate columns, add any desired Embedded Data, and save the file.
    Example document on far-right and the browse button is in blue on the middle-left
  4. When the file is ready, click Browse and select the file from your folder.
  5. Review the Verify Fields section to make sure the information looks right. If a field has not been properly recognized, click on the field name to view a dropdown of options and select the correct field.
    Verify Fields section featuring a preview of the uploaded contacts

    Qtip: If the data is not formatted correctly in the preview (e.g., bunched up instead of divided into columns), your data may not be separating (or “delimiting”) correctly. To fix this, select the blue Show Options link and choose a different Delimiter and/or Enclosure.

    Browse, Reload, Delimiter, and Enclosure fields

  6. Click Add Contacts to upload them to your directory.
Qtip: Excel interprets non-ASCII characters (e.g., 是 or ñ) in a unique fashion that makes them difficult for Qualtrics to upload. If you are importing names with special characters, you might need to save your contact list info to a text-editor application (e.g., Text-edit for Mac, Notepad for PC) before you upload the file into Qualtrics. See the Special Character Issues on our CSV/TSV Upload Issues page for additional instructions. This page is for the Survey Platform, so be careful to navigate back to the XM Directory pages (not the Survey Platform Contacts pages) when finished.

Manual Input

  1. Click Add Directory Contacts.
    Green Add Directory Contacts button in the upper-right of the Directory Contacts tab
  2. Select Manual Input.
    On the Add Contacts window the Manual Input option is on the right
  3. Fill out the available fields.
    Contacts fields filled out
  4. Click the plus sign (+) to add an additional column for Embedded Data. Remember, these can be whatever you want.
  5. To finish, click Add Contacts.
    Add Contacts window with Add Contacts button in green on the lower-right