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Importing Participants from the Global Directory (EE)

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Qtip: This page describes functionality available to Engagement projects, but not Lifecycle or General Feedback projects. For more details on each, see Types of Employee Experience Projects.

About Importing Participants from the Global Directory

One common way to balance how frequent a survey goes out with the “survey fatigue” respondents may feel being asked to complete the survey over and over is to only survey a filtered subset. For example, you can survey one region or business unit at a time, or survey a random sample of the employees. This can allow higher levels of the organization to get representative engagement feedback without surveying the same employees as often.

When you add participants to a project, you can choose to add a randomized sample, with or without filter criteria.

This feature is especially relevant if you use a People Import Automation to regularly curate your employee directory.

Qtip: Do you send out Engagement surveys in the style of a “pulse” program? This functionality is perfect for you!

Filtering and Sampling Participants from the Directory

  1. Go to the Participants tab of your project.
    In an engagement project's participant tab, green button upper-right, last option from dropdown
  2. Click Add Participants.
  3. Select Import from Global Directory.
  4. Decide between importing all participants from the directory or participants who only meet the following criteria.
    Window open with all participants selected

    Qtip: If you choose to import all participants, skip Steps 5-7.
  5. Choose a metadata value you’d like to filter the directory by.
    Only include criteria is selected and country is france
  6. Choose the value of this metadata you’d like to filter the directory by. You can choose multiple values.
    Qtip: These values will be joined by “or;” for example, choosing France and Germany for country looks for employees with France or Germany listed as their country.
    Qtip: If there are no options, that means no one in the directory has a value for that field. Remember, you can remove metadata fields from your directory, but should only do so if you are totally sure you don’t use these fields or plan to use them.
  7. To add more criteria, click Add Criteria.
    another criteria added but also random selection slider at bottom adjusted

    Qtip: Multiple criteria are joined by an “And” clause. For example, saying County should be France and Department should be Finance means you’ll only import the Finance department members located in France.
  8. Choose the percentage of participants you want to sample from the directory.
    Qtip: When combined with a filter, this is the percentage of participants who meet the filter’s criteria. When not paired with a filter, this is the percentage of the entire global directory.
  9. Click Add.