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IntroductionUsing Web to Lead


The Salesforce Web to Lead feature allows you to insert information from your Qualtrics survey into the lead object of your Salesforce instance. Conditions can be set using advanced logic to identify specifically which respondents will be saved into Salesforce and which ones will not. These conditions can be based on question responses, Embedded Data fields, or survey quotas.

Using Web to Lead

  1. Navigate to the Survey module and select Tools.image01
  2. Hover over Salesforce and choose Web to Lead.image06
  3. Identify your organization ID so Qualtrics knows where the lead information should be stored. (The steps to find this information can be found by clicking on the small blue question mark to the right of the Organization ID text box. They are also included below.)
    • Log in to
    • Click Setup > Administer > Company Profile > Company Information.
    • On the Organization Detail page, find the Organization ID (a 15 character alphanumeric value).
    • Copy this value into the trigger.


  4. If desired, create a condition for when the lead will be triggered.
    Qtip: Don’t add a condition if you’d like the lead to be triggered every time the survey is completed. Conditions can be based upon questions, Embedded Data fields, or quotas. You can use the plus and minus signs to the right to add or remove additional “and if” or “or if” conditions to your logic.
  5. Use the dropdown arrows to select the field in Salesforce that you want to populate.
  6. Select either Question, Embedded Data, or Specified Value. This will indicate where the information will come from within the survey.

    Qtip: You can continue to add Salesforce fields by using the plus and minus signs. This feature limits you to the standard “Lead” fields identified by Salesforce. For mapping any additional objects and fields, view Response Mapping.
  7. Insert your email address for the Debug Email.
  8. Create additional Web to Leads by clicking Add Another Lead Trigger.
  9. Click Save.

Click Preview Survey to test the setup of your Salesforce Web to Lead feature in Qualtrics. Once the survey is completed, you’ll receive a Debug Email confirming the Web to Lead was successful. You should also check your Salesforce instance for verification that the lead has been saved.