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Salesforce Web to Lead

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About Web To Lead

The Salesforce Web to Lead feature allows you to insert information from your Qualtrics survey into the lead object of your Salesforce instance. Conditions can be set using advanced logic to identify specifically which respondents will be saved into Salesforce and which ones will not.

Using Web to Lead

Qtip: The Web to Lead feature requires you purchase access to the Qualtrics Salesforce extension. If you do not have access to this feature and are interested, contact your Account Executive or your Customer Success Representative.
  1. Navigate to the Workflows tab.
    choosing create a new workflow and then event based
  2. Click Create a workflow.
  3. Select Event-based.
  4. For your event, choose the survey response event. More information about setting up the event can be found on the linked page.
    choosing the survey event, adding conditions, and choosing the task
  5. If desired, click the plus sign ( ) and then Conditions to add conditions to your workflow, which determine when the workflow fires.
  6. Click the plus sign ( ) and then Task.
  7. Select Salesforce.
    choosing the salesforce task
  8. Select Web to Lead.
    selecting web to lead
  9. Select the Salesforce Account to map to.
    Specify Salesforce account
  10. Add the Salesforce fields to map to and the value to map to each field, including any required fields.
    Specify Salesforce fields to map to
  11. Check Apply Salesforce assignment rules to apply assignment rules set up within Salesforce when your lead is created. This setting is enabled by default.
    Image of apply salesforce assignment rules setting
  12. Enter a Notification Email.
    Enter notification email
  13. Click Save.

Click Preview to test the setup of your Salesforce Web to Lead feature in Qualtrics. Once the survey is completed, you’ll receive a Debug Email indicating whether or not the Web to Lead was successful. You should also check your Salesforce instance for verification that the lead has been saved.

Attention: When making edits to your Salesforce workflow, it’s important that the user who initially set up the workflow is the only user who edits the workflow. If a user who did not set up the workflow tries to edit it, the Salesforce integration will stop working. If you are not the Salesforce workflow owner but need to edit the workflow, then copy the workflow and make edits to the copy.