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Administration Overview


Creating, managing, and organizing users is an important part of Qualtrics. These options and more are housed in the Administration section. To access this section, you will need to be a Qualtrics Administrator. This means your account User Type is Brand Administrator, or you have been made a Division Administrator of a specific Division for your organization.

Qtip: If you need administrative access but don’t presently have it, contact your organization’s current Qualtrics Administrator or Qualtrics Account Executive.

Summary Report

The Summary Report page is your primary resource for understanding the usage for your license. You can see graphs for number of responses, surveys, and users. If your organization has purchased SMS distributions, you’ll also see a graph for your organization’s SMS usage. This page also includes a list of the most active surveys within your organization.


In addition to these metrics, you have the option to export a detailed spreadsheet of usage statistics for your organization. This export option is found at the bottom of the Summary Report page.



The Users page allows you to create new user accounts, as well as search for, view, and edit individual user accounts within your organization.


To locate individual users within your organization, you can search based on Username, First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Survey ID, or User ID. You can also perform user searches image09
based on Division, User Type, or Account Status.

User Types

The User Types page allows you to create sets of specific permissions for users. Rather than editing users one by one to have the same permissions, you can create and assign User Types. Then, whenever you want to make a widespread permission change, you would just edit the User Type and all associated user accounts would update automatically.



The Groups page allows you to create, edit, and search for User Groups. You can use groups to create and share library content (e.g., surveys, graphics, files, messages). You can also use groups to share contact lists in the Contacts section.


Group Types

You can use Group Types to set permissions for what individual group members are allowed to do with group content.


Coupon Codes

You can use the Coupon Codes page to generate codes that allow users to update their account permissions without your manual involvement.


Organization Settings

The Organization Settings page allows you to edit options for your organization, such as password requirements and login page information.



If your license includes a large number of users, you can create Divisions to help make it easier to manage the accounts. Once a Division has been created, you can give other users administrative access over specific divisions, letting these Division Administrators handle the Division-related tasks.