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Setting Up a Reputation Management Project

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Qtip: If you are a CX customer interested in Online Reputation Management, reach out to your Account Executive or Customer Success Representative.

About Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is a means of understanding and managing your brand’s online reputation. With this feature, you can create dynamic dashboards that report on reviews you receive from sites like ReviewTrackers and Brandwatch, and trigger close-the-loop responses such as tickets when reviews come in that require action. Before you can do all this, however, you must first set up your project. This page covers the set up required to run an ORM.

Integrating with a Social Data Collector

Attention: This step is crucial to a successful set up.

Before you can create an Online Reputation Management project, you need to have access to a social data collection platform. This platform serves as the source of the online reviews Qualtrics will then report on and help you action.

We currently support:

Please visit these respective companies’ home page for demos, pricing, and more. Alternatively, if you are getting an implementation with Qualtrics, we can help you get set up with one of these platforms. Reach out to your Account Executive or Customer Success Representative to learn more about implementation options.

Once you have login credentials, you can head over to Qualtrics to create your project.

Creating a Reputation Management Project

  1. Click the global navigation in the top-left, next to the XM logo.
    Showing the global navigation menu in the upper-left and the Catalog option, listed third
  2. Select Catalog.
  3. Select CustomerXM.
    choosing customer xm, reputation management and then clicking get started
  4. Select Reputation Management.
  5. Click Get started.
  6. Name your project.
    giving the project a name and choosing a folder
  7. Choose a folder to save the project to.
  8. Click Create project.

Configuring a Social Data Collector

The Apps tab of your Reputation Management project is where you specify where these online reviews are coming from. Here, you will log into your Brandwatch or ReviewTrackers account and integrate it with Qualtrics.

  1. Go to the Apps tab of your project.
    navigating to the apps tab and selecting an orm app

    Qtip: Are you a Brand Admin? Would you like the rest of your brand to be able to use these social data collector credentials? Complete the following steps on the Extensions page instead.
  2. Click either ReviewTrackers or Brandwatch.
    Attention: You can only choose one social data collector per project! If you use more than one of these social data collectors, you need to create additional Online Reputation Management projects to report on them.
  3. Choose from an existing list of credentials, or click Add user account to integrate for the first time.
    Add user account button in upper-right of new window
  4. Give a name for the account. This is for identifying purposes.
  5. Enter your username and password.
    Login fields
  6. Click Connect account.
  7. For ReviewTrackers, choose the Location Group and the amount of data you’d like to import. The Location Group specifies the locations you want to pull in data for, or you can leave this field blank to pull in all locations’ data. For the data import, decide how many days worth of data you want to use. Your options include:
    configuring the location group and what data to import when setting up ORM with reviewtrackers

    • Import all data: Imports all your ReviewTracker data.
    • Import partial data: Imports a subset of your data relative to today’s date. Enter the number of days prior to today you’d like to import.
    Qtip: You can select one location group, or all of them. You cannot select multiple without selecting all.
  8. Brandwatch, on the other hand, will ask you to select the Project and Query. You must fill out both fields before you can proceed. You will also need to enter an Initial import value, which is the number of days prior to today that you want to use data from. You must enter a value between 1 and 360.
    Brandwatch configuration window, with fields for initial import, project, and query
  9. Click Done.
Qtip: It may take some time for this data to load. If you check on the Apps tab, you can see this data’s progress. As the data loads, the number of data points successfully imported will be listed.

Sources on apps tab listing progress

Deleting Social Data

Once you’ve added social data to an Online Reputation Management project, that data is also available to be mapped into dashboards on your account. However, if you no longer want this data to exist either in your Reputation Management project or in your dashboards, you can delete this data.

Qtip: Deleting your data this way will also allow you to set a different social data collector or a different timeframe of the same social data to your Reputation Management project.
  1. Go to your Online Reputation Management project.
  2. Click Apps.
    navigating to apps and clicking a connected app
  3. Click on your connected source.
  4. Click Remove.
    New window. Has a warning to carefully read. Bottom right, blue remove button

Renaming and Deleting Reputation Management Projects

When you go to the Projects page, you can click the dropdown on the right of an Online Reputation Management project to either rename it or delete it.

the rename project and delete project options

  • Rename project: Rename the project.
  • Delete project: Delete the project. Once a Reputation Management project is deleted, it cannot be retrieved, so be absolutely sure before you do this!

Sharing Online Reputation Management Projects

You can collaborate on an ORM project with other users in your license, giving them access to the project as an admin.

To Share an ORM Project:

  1. Navigate to the Projects page.
    Projects being selected from the navigation menu
  2. Click the three dots next to the ORM project you want to share.
    clicking the dots next to an orm project and clicking collaborate
  3. Click Collaborate.
  4. Type in the name or email of your collaborator and select them from the list. You can add multiple collaborators.
    adding a user as a collaborator by searching their name
  5. When finished adding collaborators, click Save.

Removing Collaborators from an ORM Project

  1. Navigate to the Projects page.
    Projects being selected from the navigation menu
  2. Click the three dots next to the ORM project you want to share.
    clicking the dots next to an orm project and clicking collaborate
  3. Click Collaborate.
  4. In the dropdown menu next to the collaborator you want to remove, click Remove this user.
    removing a user as a collaborator
  5. Click Save.