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Survey Options (360)

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Attention: Many links on this page link back to pages regarding standard Qualtrics surveys, not just 360 surveys. Detailed below are the differences you will need to be aware of on each page. While some content may look slightly different when creating your 360 survey, feature functionality remains the same.

About Survey Options

Survey Options is where you go to change many general survey settings, such as the survey expiration date or the message that will appear to participants when they finish the survey.

To access these settings, click Survey Options in the Survey tab.

Survey Options button in the Survey tab

Survey Options is divided into six sections, as described below.

Survey Experience

Survey Experience includes options that will directly impact the participant’s experience, such as whether or not a back button will be included and how long participants have to return and finish the survey at a later date if they don’t finish in one sitting. In 360, it functions similar to how it does in the Survey Platform.

Survey Experience options in the Survey Options menu

For details on other Survey Experience functionality, visit the Survey Experience support page to learn more.

Survey Protection

Survey Protection helps you ensure that only the appropriate people take your survey, and how long they can do so.

HTTP Referer Verification

Using the HTTP Referer Verification option, you can specify the URL your participants must come from in order to access your survey. To specify the website, select HTTP Referer Verification and enter your desired URL into the field.

HTTP Referer Verification option in the Survey Options menu

Prevent Indexing

Search engines work by creating what is called an index, or a map of all pages on the internet so they can be searched quickly. With the Prevent Indexing option, you can keep search engines from finding your survey and presenting it in their search results.

Prevent Indexing option in the Survey Options menu

Survey Expiration

Survey Expiration limits when your survey is available. It works exactly the same in 360 as it does in the Survey Platform. Navigate to the Survey Platform’s Survey Protection support page to learn more.

Survey Expiration option in the Survey Options menu

Qtip: Survey Expiration and Partial Completion are two different features! Be sure to read our Partial Completion section, too, to understand the differences.

Survey Termination

Survey Termination contains options for controlling the survey ending experience. From here, you can choose different endings, such as redirecting participants to a specific website or displaying a custom message.

Survey Termination options in the Survey Options menu

Changing the End of Survey Message

By default, each participant sees the following message upon successful survey completion: “We thank you for your time spent taking this survey. Your response has been recorded.” However, you can create a custom message to tailor the survey completion experience to your participants.

You can change the end of survey message in 360 the same way you do in the Survey Platform. Visit the Survey Platform’s Survey Termination support page for instructions.

Show Response Summary

Rather than showing participants a message, you can automatically redirect them to a summary of their responses. You can do this by selecting Show Response summary.

This response summary can be downloaded by the participant as a PDF.

Qtip: You can show a summary of their responses before they submit the survey by enabling Show Response Summary before completing the survey with the End of Survey Element.

Redirecting Participants to a URL

In some cases, you may want to ensure participants make it back to your website or another web page at the end of the survey, rather than simply showing them a message. You can use the Redirect to a full URL option to accomplish this. As soon as a participant clicks the submit button in the survey, they’ll automatically be redirected to your chosen site.

Qtip: Only one redirect can be chosen at the same time. You cannot redirect to a URL and then redirect your participant to a response summary.

To use this option, simply paste your URL into the Redirect field and then save your Survey Options.

Redirect to a full URL option in the Survey Options menu

Attention: Redirecting to a URL will not work within the Participant Portal if the URL leads to a site outside of the https://www.qualtrics.com domain.

Partial Completion

Partial Completion lets you specify how long a participant can leave an unfinished survey before that survey is automatically closed out. It also determines what happens when you close your responses in progress.

Partial Completion works similarly in 360 as it does in the Survey Platform. Therefore, please visit the Survey Platform pages listed below for more information on: