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Survey Options (360)

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Attention: Many links on this page link back to pages regarding standard Qualtrics surveys, not just 360 surveys. Detailed below are the differences you will need to be aware of on each page. While some content may look slightly different when creating your 360 survey, feature functionality remains the same.

About Survey Options

Survey options is where you go to change many general survey settings, such as the timeframe the survey’s available, the addition of a back button or visible question numbers, and more. To access these settings, click Survey options in the Survey tab.

Survey Options button in the Survey tab

Qtip: Changes made to the survey options are saved automatically. To push changes to survey respondents, be sure to publish the changes.
Publish button in upper-right of page

Survey options is divided into several sections, as described below.


The General section contains survey options related to the survey’s default language, the title and description displayed in search results, question numbering, and Expert Review.

General section of survey options


The survey options in the Responses section affect how responses are recorded and how respondents experience the survey-taking process. Here, you’ll find settings related to how respondents can change their answers during a survey session, the error messages they should receive, what to do with incomplete responses, and more.

Responses section of survey options

Qtip: The only option you’ll see on the Responses support page that does not apply to 360 projects is “Inactive survey message.”


The survey options in the Security section can increase your survey’s security and protect it from unwanted responses.

Security section of survey options

Add a Referral Website URL

See Add a Referral Website URL.

Qtip: To further protect your link, consider using an authenticator. Authenticators have settings that prevent anyone but approved participants from entering your survey through the anonymous link.

Security Scan Monitor

Qtip: This option used to be called “Email Scan Roadblock.”

Prevent security scanners from accidentally starting a new session on your survey. See the Security Scan Monitor section of the Fraud Detection support page.

Prevent Idexing

See Prevent Indexing.


The survey options under Post-Survey concern what happens after a survey ends. For Engagement and Lifecycle projects, there is only one option listed here: Message for revisiting a completed survey. Thank you messages and triggers are not available in EmployeeXM projects.

Post-survey section of survey options


In the Advanced section of your survey options, you can find some additional settings that can enhance your survey.

  • Scoring: Assign point values to answer choices for use in 360 reporting.
  • Translations: Translate your survey into multiple languages, allowing respondents to choose which language to view the survey in.