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Teams & Ticket Assignment

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Attention: You are reading about a feature that is not currently available for all clients. If you’d like more information or to purchase access, talk to your Account Executive.

About Teams & Ticket Assignment

Your team consists of other individuals who are assigned to the same role as you. This allows administrators to set up teams of users to work on tickets. This also allows supervisors to check on the status of tickets for members of their entire team to see how they are doing.

Reassigning Tickets

Users can assign any ticket to users in their brand.

  1. Click on an individual ticket to expand it.
    Individual ticket
  2. Click on the Assign To dropdown.
    Assign To dropdown
  3. Type in the full name of the user or team that the ticket should be assigned to, press Enter on your keyboard, and select the user or team from the dropdown.
    Search bar to locate individual user
Qtip: You can add a comment to the ticket to explain why it was reassigned. Click Submit to add the comment.
Text box to submit comments in Activity section of ticket

Reassigning Tickets to Individual Users & Teams

When reassigning tickets, please keep the following in mind:

  • A ticket can be assigned to a team, an individual user, or both a team and an individual user.
  • Once a ticket has been assigned to an individual user, it always needs to be assigned to an individual user. You can assign the same ticket to a team as well, but it will also have an individual owner. You can still reassign the ticket to a different individual user.

Manage Teams

In addition to single users, you can also assign your ticket tasks to a team of users. When Brand Administrators go to the Follow-Up page, they can create these teams and manage who belongs to them.

Qtip: If you have access to CX Dashboards, ticketing teams are the same as user roles in CX Dashboards. Contact your Brand Administrator or your Qualtrics Account Executive if you are unsure about your account access.
  1. Under Tools, select Manage Teams.
    Manage Teams option from Tools dropdown
  2. To add a team, click on Add Team at the bottom of the window.
    Add Team button
  3. To add a user, click the team you want to add the user to on the left. Then click Add User.
    Add User option
  4. To remove a user from a team, click the X next to their name and email.
    X next to name to delete user from team
  5. To remove a team, click the gear in the top right corner and choose Remove Team.
    Remove Team from settings dropdown icon
  6. When you are finished making changes, be sure to click Save on the bottom-right.

Changing Ticket Statuses

Users can change the status of a ticket if the ticket is assigned to them or their team. Administrators can change the status of any ticket regardless of assignment.

To change the status of a ticket, click on the box under Status and change it to the desired status.
Dropdown in Status column

Qtip: Some tickets have custom settings that require you to add additional information to the ticket before you can change the status to Closed. In this case, be sure to carefully read the instructions!

Dynamic Ticket Assignment

Tickets are usually assigned to just one user or team at a time. However, it is possible to assign tickets to users or teams based on Embedded Data that you set in the Survey Flow. This way, you can build a series of dynamic conditions in the Survey Flow off which you assign tickets.

See the Dynamic Ticket Assignment page for instructions on how to set this up. This workflow requires that Tickets Task and the Survey Flow be modified.