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Show Block


You can use Show Block to display a block at any point within your survey. A block is a group of questions that are displayed as a set within your survey. Every survey includes at least one block of questions.

Showing a Block at Any Point in Your Survey Flow

  1. Open your Survey Flow in the Survey module.image01
  2. Click on any Add a New Element Here or Add Below.image02
  3. Choose Block.image00
  4. Choose which block you would like to add from the dropdown list.image05

    Qtip: To see which questions are in a given block, just click on the bracketed question count to the right of the block name. Collapse the list of questions by clicking on the question count again.


  5. If needed, move the block to its appropriate place in the Survey Flow by clicking on Move and dragging the element.image03
    Qtip: Moving the question block in the Survey Flow will also change the order the blocks appear in the survey editor.

Showing the Same Block Multiple Times

It’s okay to have the same block appear multiple times in your Survey Flow using the Duplicate option, but the questions will only appear once in your results. If the respondent sees a block a second time, they’ll see—and be able to modify—their previous responses. In most situations, you will repeat a block as a way to have it show in separate branches in the Survey Flow, not as a way to show the same questions twice.

Qtip: Showing the same block multiple times in the Survey Flow is different from copying a block in your survey editor. Copied blocks are separate from each other (the same as having two different blocks), and the questions from each block would show up in your results.