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Collecting and Uploading


Once you’ve set up the Qualtrics Offline Surveys app on your device(s) and downloaded your surveys, you can start collecting responses.

Collecting Responses

  1. Tap your downloaded survey.image01
  2. Tap Take Survey.image06
  3. Complete the survey.image15
  4. Click Restart to start a new survey session or click the X in the upper right to return to the survey screen.image12

When a survey response is completed, the Pending Responses count increments.


Partial Responses

Sometimes you or a respondent will not be able to finish answering survey questions all at once. In these cases, you can save the response as a partial and return to it later.

To save a partial response

  1. At any point in a survey, tap the X in the upper-right corner.
  2. Type a description for the response.

    Qtip: Giving a clear description for a response in progress will help you later when you want to return to that specific response and finish.

  3. Click OK.

To manage a partial response

  1. Navigate to the survey screen.
  2. Tap Saved Responses.
  3. Tap the partial you want to manage.
  4. Choose what action you want to take (resume, rename, upload, or delete the response).
  5. Tap Cancel to return to the survey screen.
Qtip: If you tap Edit, you can select and manage multiple partial responses at once.

Respondent Experience

Surveys on your mobile device will function similarly to surveys on a full-size computer, though question layout may slightly change to accommodate the smaller screen size. For example, some mobile devices will show a selection box as a dropdown list.

You can customize your respondent experience in other ways though by using the Survey Settings options. You can find these options by tapping Manage Survey on the bottom left of the survey overview window.


  • Show Restart Button: Allow respondents to restart their survey session by tapping on the circular arrow in the upper left hand corner of the survey (turned on by default).
  • Ignore Validation: Ignore required questions in your survey. This is especially useful when you are still testing your survey and Preview Mode is turned on.
  • Show Close Button: Allow respondents to exit their survey session by tapping on the X in the upper right hand corner of the survey (turned on by default).

    Qtip: Need to close a survey that doesn’t have a close button? Simply tap on the survey twice with three fingers and a close button will appear.
  • Preview Mode: Enable to take your survey as a preview instead of as an actual response. Responses submitted in Preview Mode will increment the preview responses count on the survey screen. When uploaded, each of these responses will be flagged in your online data set as a “Survey Preview”. These responses do not count against your auditable response count.
  • Kiosk Mode: Hide the Close button and set a timer to restart the survey after a period of inactivity. This solution is perfect for stand-alone kiosks. It is currently only available for tablets.
  • Remove Responses: Permanently delete all offline responses from the current survey. Responses that have already been uploaded to Qualtrics will not be affected.
    Warning: Once responses are removed, they cannot be restored.
  • Remove Survey: Remove the survey from the list of downloaded surveys. You will need to download the survey again to collect more responses.

Uploading Responses

Once you’ve collected responses and have an active internet connection, you can upload the responses into your Qualtrics account. Note that uploads are always performed on a “per request” basis, meaning the app will never automatically upload responses on your behalf.

After tapping uploading, responses are removed from your mobile device and become available in the Responses and Results modules of your Qualtrics account. Uploading also increments the Completed Responses number on the survey overview window.

To upload pending responses and previews

  1. Navigate to the survey screen.
  2. Tap Upload Responses on the bottom right of the survey screen.

To upload partial responses

  1. Navigate to the survey screen.
  2. Tap Saved Responses on the survey screen.
  3. Tap Edit and then select the responses you want to upload.
  4. Tap Action and choose Upload Responses.


Occasionally, certain settings will restrict the app from uploading responses to your online account. In this case, there are several things you can check:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the app. Updating the app won’t delete any responses as long as you don’t log out.
  2. Find more stable WiFi.
  3. Log in to Qualtrics and make sure that “By Invitation Only” is not checked in the Survey Options. Also, if Quotas exist, make sure they are not filled.
  4. If working with a collaborated survey, be sure the survey is still collaborated with the account logged into the app.