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Finding Qualtrics IDs

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About Qualtrics IDs

All Qualtrics API requests require specific parameters to construct the requests. Many of these parameters will be Qualtrics IDs. For example, if you’re downloading the raw data for your survey, you’ll need to know the survey ID. The majority of these IDs can be found in your account on the Qualtrics IDs tab.

View the Current Qualtrics API Documentation

Locating Qualtrics IDs

  1. Click the silhouette in the top-right corner of your account.
    Silhouette button in Qualtrics page
  2. Select Account Settings.
    Account Settings Option
  3. Click Qualtrics IDs.
    Qualtrics IDs button in Account Settings
  4. Click on any one of your Libraries to find IDs for contact lists (called “panels” here), messages, and other library content.
    List of Library IDs
  5. Click on the name of any survey to find IDs for questions, quotas, and other survey elements. The survey’s ID is listed next to the survey name.
    List of Survey IDs

Locating Qualtrics IDs by Inspecting the Element

In some cases, the parameters you’ll need to create your API request will require IDs that cannot be found in the Qualtrics IDs tab. Some examples of these parameters are UserID, GroupType, and DivisionID. If you’re implementing a Brand Administrator API request under the Users, Groups, or Divisions sections of our documentation, you’ll likely need to use the Inspect Element tool.

Inspect Element is a developer tool that allows you to see the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that is currently on a webpage. When looking for Qualtrics IDs, we’ll only be concerned with the HTML of a webpage.

To access the Web Inspector

Qtip: You can inspect elements on any page inside of Qualtrics. For our purposes, we’ll be inside the Admin page looking for a parameter called UserID.
  1. Navigate to the Admin page.
    Admin tab in Qualtrics page
  2. Click Users.
    Users button in Admin tab
  3. Search for the user by using any of the search criteria filters (Username, First Name, Last Name, etc.).
    User search fields
  4. Right click on the username of the account and select Inspect Element.
    Right-click to access Inspect Element
  5. Find the UserID for your user (it will start with UR_).
    User ID found in HTML code
  6. Double click on the UserID to copy.
    Double Click User ID to copy
Qtip: Qualtrics IDs are 15 character alphanumeric codes used inside of Qualtrics. Each one of these IDs starts with a prefix.

Here are the common IDs you’ll find by inspecting the element.

Qualtrics IDs
MailingListID (RC)
MailingListRecipientID (RC)
ContactID (TA / XM Directory)
MailingListID (TA / XM Directory)

Locating Your Organization ID

Your Organization ID (also called Brand ID) can be located by following these instructions.

Locating Survey IDs

This section covers the easiest ways to locate survey IDs for both survey owners and Brand Administrators.

Locating Survey IDs for Survey Owners

  1. Navigate to the Survey tab of your survey.
    the survey tab of a survey. in the page's URL, the survey ID is visible and begins with SV_
  2. Look at the URL. The survey ID is in the URL and begins with SV_.

Locating Survey IDs for Brand Administrators

  1. Navigate to the Admin page.
    the users page of the admin tab. a user has been searched for
  2. Select the Users tab.
  3. Search for the user who owns the survey you’re interested in.
  4. Click on the user’s username.
  5. Select View Account Use Info.
    the view account use info button when viewing a user
  6. Click the name of the survey you’re interested in. This will open the preview version of the survey in a new tab.
    the view account use info window of a user page. a list of surveys owned by the user is at the bottom of the window
  7. Look at the survey’s URL. The survey ID is in the URL and begins with SV_.
    a survey being previewed. in the page's URL, the survey ID is visible, and begins with SV_

Locating the Datacenter ID

You can find your datacenter ID when you are logged into Qualtrics. The datacenter is found in your Account Settings and is 2-3 letters and a number. For example, az1, au1, co1, or ca1.

Qtip: API calls will still work, but be much slower if you have the wrong datacenter. See this page for more details.
  1. Go to the Account Settings icon.Navigating to the Account Settings
  2. Select Account Settings.
  3. Click Qualtrics IDs.Finding the Datacenter ID
  4. Select IDs.
  5. Find your Datacenter ID in the User section.

Locating the PoolID

The PoolID is used in API calls relating to XM Directory. To locate it, go to the Qualtrics IDs section of your Account Settings. More information on how to find your Qualtrics IDs can be found in the Locating Qualtrics IDs section.

image of the PoolID in the Qualtrics IDs section of account settings