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Exporting Response Data (EX)

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Attention: Many links on this page link back to pages regarding standard Qualtrics surveys, not just Employee Engagement or Lifecycle surveys. Detailed below are the differences you will need to be aware of on each page. While some content may look slightly different when creating your Employee Engagement or Lifecycle survey, feature functionality remains the same.
Qtip: This page describes functionality available to Engagement, Lifecycle, and Ad Hoc Employee Research projects. For more details on each, see Types of Employee Experience Projects.

About Exporting Response Data

The Export Data feature is used to download raw response data for use beyond the Qualtrics platform. Exported data files allow you to view how each participant answered each question in a survey, and also include survey metadata (e.g., Recorded Date, IP Address, etc.) and participant metadata.

Exporting and managing your response data in EmployeeXM is much the same as in the Survey Platform, and it happens in the Data & Analysis tab.

To learn how to export your data, visit the Survey Platform’s Exporting Data support page. To learn how to manage your previous exports, visit the Manage Downloads support page.

Export Formats

Among your export options, you can choose the file type of your download. The available file types for EmployeeXM data are:

More details on these file formats can be found on the linked Survey Platform support pages.

Export Options

In addition to choosing the file format of your data export, Qualtrics offers several export options for customizing your data output. Here, you can determine whether fields are in text or numerical format, whether to zip files, how hidden questions should be indicated, whether to include randomized data, and more. See Export Options on the Survey Platform support site for more details.

When adjusting export options, the data columns you export may vary based on what you choose. For a guide to what your data export means, navigate to the Understanding Your Response Data Set (EX) support page.

Qtip: If your brand has unique identifiers enabled, you only have access to the Data Table Export Options. If you do not have unique identifiers enabled, you also have access to Legacy. See Data Table vs. Legacy, Legacy Export Options, and Legacy Data for more information.