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Cross Tabulation Overview


Qualtrics provides a cross tabulation tool for you to perform multivariate analysis. This tool includes numerous options to customize your cross tabs and will automatically calculate p-value and Chi-Square statistics.

Creating New Cross Tabulations

  1. Navigate to the Cross Tabs tab of the Data and Analysis module.image03
  2. Click Create a new Cross Tabulation or the blue Click here to create one text.image00
  3. If desired, enter a name for your cross tab and choose which questions you would like to include in your cross tab as stubs (rows) and banners (columns).image16
  4. Click Create Cross Tabulation.image02
Attention: Currently only Multiple Choice questions, Matrix Table questions, and Embedded Data can be added to a Cross Tabulation.

Stub and Banner Options

Your stubs (rows) and your banners (columns) have a few features that make more customized cross tab visualizations easy. You can access these options by mousing over any banner or stub and clicking the dropdown arrow.


Add Multilevel Drill Down

The Multilevel Drill Down option enables you to put multiple levels of data on a banner or stub. For example, you may need to see statistics for ages,, broken out by interest in climbing. You can use the Multilevel Drill Down to add both age and climbing interest to one of your banners or stubs.


Follow the steps below to add a Multilevel Drill Down to your cross tab.

  1. Mouse over the stub you want to drill into and click the dropdown arrow.image06
  2. Select Add Multilevel Drill Downimage15
  3. Select the information you would like to add.image19
  4. Select Recalculate Cross Tabulation


Delete Banner/Stub

  1. Mouse over the banner or stub you want to delete and click the dropdown arrow.image06
  2. Click Delete Stub or Delete Banner.image04


The Merge option enables you to combine multiple rows/columns within a stub/banner into one. For example, you may have demographics for every country in the U.S. and you would like to analyze the data by regions rather than by state. Using this feature, you can combine the various states into their respective regions.

Follow the steps below to merge data within a stub/banner your cross tab.

  1. Mouse over the stub or banner you want to merge and click the dropdown arrow.image06
  2. Select Merge.image08
  3. Select the data that you would like to merge.image13
  4. Click Merge.image18
  5. If desired, rename your grouped data by clicking on their names.image17
  6. When you are finished merging data, click Save.


Add User Equation

You can use the Add User Equation option to add your own custom equation to the cross tabulation. Just click on the User Equation text and select the data and operators to include in your equation. These equations will be calculated and displayed at the bottom of the banner or the far right of the stub.