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Salesforce App Basic Overview

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About the Salesforce App

The Qualtrics App on the Salesforce AppExchange (also known as the Salesforce App) provides added functionality to the Qualtrics-Salesforce extension by enabling users to send relational surveys to many Leads, Contacts, or entire Campaigns at once from within the Salesforce environment. The app is not a replacement for the basic extension, but rather offers additional functionality on top of the original tools. It can be useful to use the Salesforce App for distributing surveys and then use the basic extension to perform Response Mapping back to Salesforce.

Attention: We’ve introduced a new version of the app with a streamlined UI and improved installation process. See The New Salesforce App Experience for more details on using the upgraded app.


Before using the Salesforce App, you will need the following:

  1. Your Qualtrics account must have access to our Salesforce Extension.
  2. Your Qualtrics account must have access to our v3 API. Additionally, you will need to generate a Qualtrics API Token.
  3. Your Salesforce Administrator will need to install the Qualtrics Surveys app from the Salesforce AppExchange.

Basic Extension vs. Salesforce App

The Salesforce App adds several features that are not available in the basic Salesforce Extension. For comparison purposes, the capabilities of both the basic extension and the additional features added by the Salesforce App are summarized below.

Basic Extension

The basic extension is used for sending out transactional surveys and mapping responses back to Salesforce. This is useful when you want to send a single survey based on an event in Salesforce, such as renewing an account license or closing a Case. The basic Salesforce extension includes the following:

  • Using a Salesforce Workflow and Outbound Message to send a transactional survey to an individual based on changes to their record.
  • Mapping responses from Qualtrics surveys to Salesforce (you can both insert new records and update existing records).

Salesforce App

The Salesforce App is used for sending out large-scale relational surveys. This is useful when you want to send a survey to many Leads or Contacts at once. When using the app, you have access to the features of the basic extension, as well as the following capabilities:

  • Sending a survey to multiple Leads, Contacts, or entire Campaigns at once from within Salesforce.
  • Editing surveys in the Salesforce interface prior to sending them out (only for users with administrative permissions).
  • Accessing pre-built objects designed to help streamline the process of storing your survey data in Salesforce.
  • Accessing pre-built Quickstart surveys that come with questions and Response Mappings.
  • Viewing and editing Qualtrics CX Dashboards.