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Dynamics Response Mapping & Web to Lead

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About Microsoft Dynamics Response Mapping & Web to Lead

The Microsoft Dynamics task lets you link up your account to a Qualtrics survey for both response mapping and web to lead capabilities. You get to customize the fields you bring from the Qualtrics survey over to Microsoft, so you can highlight key information when establishing records or capturing leads.

Qtip: The Qualtrics extension with Microsoft Dynamics 365 only supports the web version. We do not support on-premises.
Qtip: Are you interested in setting up inbound scenarios with Microsoft Dynamics 365 instead? Check out the JSON event support page for more on how to set this up.

Setting up a Microsoft Dynamics Task

  1. Go to the Workflows tab of your survey, or the global Workflows page.
    choosing create a new workflow and then event based
  2. Click Create a workflow.
  3. Select Event-based.
  4. Choose the event that begins the workflow. Usually, this is a survey response event.
    choosing the survey event, adding conditions, and choosing the task
  5. If desired, click the plus sign ( + ) and Conditions to add conditions to your task. Conditions determine when the workflow fires.
  6. Click the plus sign ( + ) and then Task.
  7. Select Microsoft Dynamics.
    choosing the microsoft dynamics task
  8. Click Sign in to Dynamics.
    clicking sign in to dynamics
  9. Enter the URL where you commonly sign into Microsoft Dynamics 365. It will often have your company’s name somewhere in it, perhaps abbreviated.
    entering the dynamics domain and clicking the check mark
  10. Click the checkmark.
  11. A login screen will appear for you to sign in to your Microsoft account. After signing in, you’ll be directed back to Qualtrics.
  12. Select if you would like to perform Response Mapping or Web to Lead.
    choosing response mapping or web to lead

Response Mapping with Microsoft Dynamics

Response mapping is used to take the answers provided in a Qualtrics survey and map them back to Microsoft Dynamics 365. For example, when your client takes a support feedback survey, their satisfaction level could be mapped back to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the account manager to see.

  1. Select Response Mapping.
    selecting response mapping
  2. If desired, you may switch your account.
    choosing an account, selecting the entity and operation, and mapping fields
  3. Choose the type of Entity you’d like to map.
    Qtip: While we are happy to help you set up your extension with Qualtrics, Qualtrics Support unfortunately cannot guide you through custom entity creation in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Learn more about creating custom entities for response mapping here.
  4. Choose the Operation you’d like to perform.
    Qtip: Learn more about operations in Microsoft Dynamics 365 here.
  5. Enter the 32 digit ID for your entity, or use the piped text dropdown ( {a} ) to select a survey field.
  6. Click Add an additional mapping to map more fields from Qualtrics to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 record.
  7. Select the Microsoft Dynamics 365 field you’d like the response to be mapped to.
    Qtip: In the case of a lookup field, a GUID needs to be provided which is the unique ID of that entity record.
  8. Type the value, or select it from the piped text dropdown ( {a} ).
  9. Click Save.

Web to Lead with Microsoft Dynamics

The Microsoft Dynamics web to lead feature allows you to insert information from your Qualtrics survey into the lead object of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 instance.

  1. Select Web to Lead.
    selecting web to lead
  2. If desired, you may switch your account.
    selecting an account, mapping survey response fields, and clicking save
  3. Type a title for the Topic, or select a survey field using the piped text dropdown ( {a} ).
  4. Type a Last Name for the person whose lead you are recording, or select a survey field using the piped text dropdown ( {a} ).
    Qtip: To automatically fill in the last name used in the contact list, select {a}, then Panel Field, then Recipient Last Name.
  5. Click Add an additional field to map more then these two fields.
  6. Select the name of the field from a list of fields that already exist in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 account.
  7. Type the value, or select it from the piped text dropdown ( {a} ).
  8. Click Save.