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Vocalize Introduction

Vocalize Overview 1


The Dashboards section of Vocalize is where your data comes to life. A Dashboard is a set of pages that contain all of your data visualizations customized to fit your unique organizational needs. You can include as many or as few pages as you like. These pages can be configured with customized widgets that present your data in a clean and easy-to-read display.


By sharing your Dashboards with other Vocalize users within your organization, the insights you collect can become immediately available to any key stakeholder. Individuals with access to your Dashboards have the ability to filter to delve into the data that matters to them and find actionable or practical insights.
Additionally, Vocalize comes with built-in data permission settings that allow you to control the information that individuals can access. This flexibility allows you to build out a single Dashboard but restrict access to certain information if it’s not relevant for a particular individual (e.g., store managers will only be able to see data from their store but region managers would be able to see data for every store in their region).

Ticketing and Outcomes

In addition to data visualizations, Vocalize allows you to create tickets whenever specific conditions are met in a survey response. Depending on the conditions set, these tickets can be dynamically assigned to specific individuals in your organization, or even teams that you create. The speed and flexibility of the setup allows your organization to quickly close the loop on feedback provided by your survey takers–turning your survey responses into actionable items.