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Creating & Managing Multiple Directories

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Qtip: XM Directory is an improvement upon the old Target Audience, with user interface (UI) changes made to integrate more seamlessly with the XM platform. If you do not have XM Directory and would like to purchase access, contact your Account Executive.
Attention: This page is about a feature that is not included with XM Directory by default. If you do not have the ability to create multiple directories and would like to purchase access, contact your Account Executive. Additionally, only Brand Administrators are able to create and manage multiple directories.

About Multiple Directories

The primary reason to create different directories is if you’d like to separate groups of contacts, and set different Contact Frequency Rules or Deduplication Rules for each set of contacts. For example, you may have a mix of customers and employees you wish to contact from Qualtrics. You may want to limit customer emails more strictly to follow GDPR regulations, while not having as strict limits on employees, since internal emails are not subject to the same laws and regulations.

Qtip: All Qualtrics users in a brand have access to all directories. While Standard Users without access to the Directory Contacts tab, Directory Settings, and Automations will still not have access to those tabs, they can upload mailing lists to and distribute from any directory in the brand.

Creating Multiple Directories

Qtip: You can create up to 5 directories by default. Certain CX licenses allow you to be granted up to 20 directories; if you are interested and would like to know more, reach out to your Customer Success Representative or your Account Executive.
  1. Go to the Directories page.
    Clicking toolbar top-left and selecting last option, Create Directory in blue
  2. Click the directory dropdown at the top.
  3. Click Create Directory.
  4. Name your new directory.
    New window opens with field for directory name and blue Save in bottom-right of window
  5. Click Create.

Editing Different Directories

You can navigate between directories using the directory dropdown menu at the top of every page of your Contacts.

Qtip: The default directory will be the first directory listed in the dropdown menu.

Selecting directories from top dropdown

Once inside a directory, you can make edits in each of the tabs the way you normally would. However, when editing one directory, you have absolutely no effect on the others. This means contacts and mailing lists uploaded in one directory only exist in that directory, and Directory Settings, such as Contact Frequency Rules or Deduplication Rules, are unique to each directory.

Renaming a Directory

  1. Go to Directory Settings.
    Editing name
  2. Select Manage Directory.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Type a name.
    Entering name in field and clicking blue Save
  5. Click Save.

Deleting Directories

Qtip: You cannot delete the default directory. The delete option will be grayed out.
Attention: Deleting a directory will delete all its data, including contacts, embedded data, experience data, lists, message triggers, saved searches and automations.
  1. Select the directory you’d like to delete from the dropdown.
    Deleting directory
  2. Go to Directory Settings.
  3. Select Manage Directory.
  4. Click I would like to delete this directory.
  5. Read the options carefully. Select both checkboxes.
    Warning window
  6. Type the name of the directory.
  7. Click Delete Directory.

Distributing from Your Directories

You can distribute to a mailing list in any directory you have access to from the Distributions tab of your directory.

Distributions tab of the directory

  1. Go to the Directories page.
  2. Select your directory.
  3. Go to the Distributions tab.

To learn more about your distribution options, see the Send Emails in XM Directory and Export Unique Links in XM Directory support pages.

Qtip: You can distribute to mailing lists in any directory two ways:

  1. The Distributions tab in the directory (shown above)
  2. The Distributions tab in the survey