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Navigating the Intercepts Tab

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About Navigating the Intercepts Tab

The Intercepts tab is where you generate intercepts. Before you can get started, it helps to get familiar with how this tab is organized.

Creating an Intercept

To add a new intercept, you will need to enter the Intercepts tab and navigate to the Intercepts section below.

Intercepts tab under the Intercepts section of the Website / App Feedback platform

Generating a New Intercept

  1. Click Create new.
    Create new button at the top right of the Intercepts page
  2. You can choose to build your intercept with a guided setup or build your intercept piece by piece. This section outlines how to build an intercept separate from a creative, so scroll down to the Build your intercept piece by piece heading.
    Qtip: If, instead of creating a standalone intercept, you’d like assistance throughout the whole process, feel free to use our guided setup for Website / App Feedback projects. If you use the guided setup, you will be prompted to add a creative, connect your survey, and configure your intercept. For more information about the guided setup, visit Choose How You Want to Collect Feedback.

    Choose to build your intercept either with a guided setup or piece by piece

  3. Select one of the Intercepts to get started. Here, you’ll select where the intercept is targeted at. For regular sites, both mobile and desktop, you should select Website.
    Qtip: To learn more about the Mobile App options and its unique editing options, see the Mobile App Prompt Creative page.

    Intercepts section is highlighted, prompting user to select Web or App intercept

  4. Enter a name for your intercept.Enter a name for your intercept; click next
  5. Click Next.
  6. You are now ready to edit your intercept.

Generating an Intercept from the Library

  1. Click Create new.
    Create new button at the top right of the Intercepts page
  2. Select Choose from Library next to the Intercepts heading.
    Create Create new window with Choose From Library highlighted
  3. Name the intercept.Naming the intercept, choosing the library, and choosing which library intercept to use; click Next to create the intercept
  4. Select a library where you previously saved an intercept.
  5. Select the intercept you want to use.
  6. Click Next.

Searching and Sorting Intercepts

To sort your list of intercepts by their name (alphabetical), by which was Last Modified, by the Target (in alphabetical order), by Status (Active or Inactive), and by Current Revision (Published or Unpublished), you can click on the heading title of the column you’d like to sort by. In this example, we have clicked Name to sort by intercept name A-Z.

Sort by columns in the Intercepts tab; can sort by Name, Last modified, Status, and Metrics

The Search bar allows you to find intercepts by keywords in the Name of the survey.

Search bar in the top left corner of the Intercepts tab

Intercept Actions Dropdown

Intercept Actions Dropdown at the far-right of an intercept

Click the dropdown to the far-right of the intercept to reveal a list of actions.

    • Rename: Rename the intercept.
    • Delete: Permanently delete the intercept. Heed the warning before you click Delete.
      Delete Intercept window
    • Activate / Deactivate: Activate or deactivate the intercept. If your intercept is currently inactive, you will see the option to Activate, whereas if your intercept is active, you’ll see the option to Deactivate it.
    • Save to Library: Save the intercept to a Library of your choice, so it can be copied into different projects later.
      Saving an intercept to the library
    • Copy to a project: Create a copy of the intercept in a project of your choice.
      Copy intercept to a project window
    • Copy intercept IDs: Copy the intercept to a library, so it can be copied into different projects later. This option is useful if you have access to the Mobile App Prompt Creative.
      Copy intercept IDs window with the intercept ID, project ID, and brand ID
Attention: Intercepts created using the guided workflow cannot be copied or saved to the library.