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Getting Started with Employee Engagement

What's on This Page:

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Getting Started

Welcome to the Employee Experience Platform! We are excited to help you launch your Employee Engagement project. This guide will walk you through every step necessary to launch your project.

  1. Preparing for Your Employee Engagement Survey
  2. Building Your Engagement Survey
  3. Configuring Project Participants and Distributing Your Project
  4. Reporting on Your Employee Engagement Project Results
  5. Closing Your Project and Preparing for Next Year’s Project

Below is a list of all of the content you should have prior to building your project:

  • The list of questions/items you want included and their associated category/driver
  • The list of employees that will be taking the survey
  • Final drafts of the email messages (invites and reminders)
  • A general idea of the information you want to report in your dashboard

Templates to Get You Started

Throughout these Getting Started pages, we will provide example files to guide your first Employee Engagement project. However, there’s another resource available to you to make this go even faster. Every Employee Experience customer gets access to template projects, which include survey questions, messages, and dashboards developed by our subject-matter experts.

For our Employee Engagement users, we recommend the Engagement Feedback template. This template measures drivers of employee engagement and enables managers at every level to action and drive improvements. With research-based and validated engagement survey items and pre-configured dashboards from Qualtrics, this template is ideal for annual or biannual employee engagement programs.

selecting the engagement feedback template when creating a new project

The Employee Feedback project can be found when you create an EX project and look at the Template section.

Qtip: For Lifecycle templates, see Templates for Employee Experience. Note that while similar, Lifecycle projects are not the same as Employee Engagement projects.