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Actioning Social Reviews & Brandwatch Mentions

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Qtip: If you are a CX customer interested in Online Reputation Management, reach out to your Account Executive or Customer Success Representative.

About the Actions Tab in Reputation Management Projects

Actions tab, second tab after Apps, selected

The Actions tab is a great way to automate other cool Qualtrics functionality as well as any other integrations you may have, using actions. Actions convert real-time survey responses into measurable tasks. Setting up an action requires creating conditions and defining the tasks that should be completed when these events meet the conditions specified.

Example: When we get a negative review, we want to create a ticket in Zendesk to prompt our Customer Satisfaction team to follow up with the client.

The event that triggers every action in a Reputation Management project is the receipt of a social review. What kind of review triggers the action is determined by the condition.

Qtip: See Creating & Managing Actions step-by-step instructions on how to create your first action. This support page is for the Survey Platform, but the features described work the same in Online Reputation Management, with the exception of the details covered on this support page.


Event Types window

Events are what make an action occur. Which event you should choose depends on the social data collector you have selected.

  • Social Review: For ReviewTrackers.
  • Brandwatch Mention: For Brandwatch.


This condition says if the location name is Chicago, and the rating is less than or equal to 3

To narrow down the specific kind of reviews that trigger an action, create conditions. For a step-by-step guide and information on Any vs. All conditions, see Creating Conditions.

Social Review (ReviewTrackers)

Conditions based on Social Review (ReviewTrackers) can be based on the following:

  • Rating
    Qtip: These values should always be numeric.
  • Location Name
  • Location Region
  • Location City
  • Content
    Qtip: This is a way to target certain keywords or values in the body of the review. For example, selecting Content and then Not Empty means you only trigger an action when there’s a review, and don’t trigger an action for ratings without reviews. You can also target a review if it Contains or Does Not Contain certain words.
  • Source Name
    Qtip: This is the original source ReviewTrackers got the review from – for example, Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, or Expedia.


Conditions based on Brandwatch Mentions can be based on the following. Please see Brandwatch’s support page on Mentions Field Definitions to learn what each means:

  • Impact
  • Sentiment
  • Snippet
  • Title
  • Monthly Visitors
  • Domain
  • Author Country
  • Author Continent


Add Task button

When someone leaves a review that meets the conditions you created, a task is triggered. You can add an inexhaustible number of follow-up tasks to act on customer reviews. In fact, the same tasks that are compatible with Qualtrics surveys are compatible with Reputation Management! This includes:

  • Tickets Task: Qualtrics has its own ticketing platform! Use this task to assign ownership of a task to your license’s users so they can take quick action.
  • Email Task: Student queries could trigger emails to instructors for help.
  • Web Service Task: Newsfeeds could update in real time via APIs.
  • Tango Card Task: Incentivize surveys with Tango Card.
Qtip: The following tasks require the separate purchase of an additional Integration. If you don’t already have access to one or more of these integrations and are interested, check out our XM Marketplace.
  • Slack Task: Achievement metrics could trigger Slack channel messages.
  • Salesforce Task: Text analytics could launch Salesforce events.
  • Zendesk: The Zendesk integration allows you to create and update tickets in Zendesk based on responses collected with Qualtrics surveys.
  • Freshdesk: The Freshdesk integration allows you to create tickets in Freshdesk based on actions triggered in Qualtrics.
  • Hubspot: The Hubspot integration allows you to create and update deals and contacts in Hubspot from collected survey responses.
  • ServiceNow: The ServiceNow integration allows you to create and update incidents in ServiceNow as well as update customer contact information provided by survey responses.
  • Microsoft Dynamics: The Microsoft Dynamics integrations allows you link up your account to a Qualtrics survey for both Response Mapping and Web to Lead capabilities.
Qtip: These support pages are for the Survey Platform, but the features described work the same in Online Reputation Management.