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Carry Forward Choices


Carry Forward allows you to copy specific answer choices from one question and bring them into a future question in your survey. For instance, you can first show your respondents a question that asks which products they have bought from your company in the last six months. You can then carry forward the choices they selected into the next question and ask the respondents to rank their preference from those previously selected choices only.


Adding Carry Forward

  1. In the Survey module, select the question to which you would like to carry forward answer choices.
  2. Click on the gray gear icon to the left and choose the Carry Forward option.image02
    Qtip: If you’re working with a Matrix Table question, you may see the options to Carry Forward Statements (the rows of your table) and Carry Forward Scale Points (the columns of your table) instead of Carry Forward Choices.
  3. In the second dropdown, select the question from which you would like to carry answer choices.image06
  4. In the first dropdown, set the conditions for which answer choice(s) you would like to carry forward.image00
    Qtip: If you are carrying forward from a question that allows text entry, you have the option to pick “Selected Choices – Entered Text” in order to carry forward what was typed into the text entry boxes.
  5. Click Done when you’re finished.image04
    Qtip: If you carry forward answer choices to a question, they will join any other answer choices that already exist in the question.
  6. To edit or remove the Carry Forward, click the dropdown arrow on the right of the Carry Forward bar.image03

Once you’ve added the Carry Forward, you’ll see all potential items listed on your follow-up question, with a green double arrow next to each. The green double arrow signifies that this answer choice will only display to a respondent if they meet the condition for that choice.


Qtip: Only one set of choices can be carried forward into a question. If you need to carry forward multiple sets of choices into a question (for instance, all the items marked “Satisfied” in two different questions), you can manually input every potential answer choice and then add Display Logic to each answer choice, setting the condition to display only if that choice was selected previously.