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Text Entry


Text Entry questions allow you to collect open-ended responses from your respondents.



The Text Entry question has several variations that change the size and type of the text box. You can access these variations under Text Type  in the question Editing Pane.

Single Line

The Single Line variation provides respondents with a one line text box. While respondents can write responses well beyond the limits of the box, the Single Line format encourages a more succinct answer.


Multi Line and Essay

The Multi Line and Essay variations provide respondents with multiple lines, encouraging respondents to provide a longer response.


Qtip: In the past, Multi Line and Essay have been distinguished by the size of the text box each provides. However, with new text box resizing options (click and drag the handle on the bottom-right of the text box), these two variations are now interchangeable.


The Form variation provides respondents with multiple separate text-entry boxes. This format is most often used to gather contact information from respondents.


Qtip: Each text box in a form can have separate unique validation settings. Click the blue Click here to edit form fields text found below the text boxes to access these options.


The Password variation provides a single line text box. Any characters typed into the text box are disguised by dots.


Qtip: Need to check if a password is valid? Consider adding an Authenticator to your survey.

Text Entry Validation

Text Entry validation, found under Validation Type in the Editing pane, is unique compared to other types of question validation. These unique validation options can be found in the Validation Type list in the question Editing Pane. In this area, you can specify the exact type of response you want (e.g., email address) or a specific length for the response (e.g., 200 characters). Respondents will not be able to move past the question until a correctly formatted response has been entered.


Data Analysis

Once your responses have been collected, Qualtrics offers various methods to create reports both in and out of the platform. From the Reports module, you can view aggregate data with pre-made reports as well as create your own. From the Data & Analysis module, you can view and manipulate your survey responses on an individual basis.


There are two visualization types available for Text Entry questions: Word Cloud and Paginated Table. For more information on these visualizations please visit the linked visualization support pages.

Downloaded Data Format

Each text entry box in your survey will be shown as a column in your downloaded data, with a row for each response. For most variations, there will be only one text box and so only one column for the question in your file. For the Form variation, there are multiple text boxes and so there will be multiple columns.