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Step 1: Becoming Familiar with Frontline Feedback

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What is Frontline Feedback?

Welcome to the Customer Experience platform! We’re excited to help you launch your Frontline Feedback project. Before we dive into building a project, let’s review what Frontline Feedback is and how your CX program can benefit from it. Frontline Feedback is an always-on collaboration tool where employees can submit, upvote, and comment on ideas related to the customer experience. This project type helps empower your employees closest to your customers (i.e. on the “frontline”) to close experience gaps and spark customer breakthroughs.

Key Terms

Throughout this guide, several terms are repeated in various contexts. These are key elements that are part of all Frontline Feedback projects. You can find a quick definition of each term below:

  • Feedback Form: The Feedback Form is the landing page for your Frontline Feedback project. It is where your employees will submit new feedback, and interact with feedback that’s already been submitted. The Feedback Form is accessed by clicking Add feedback in the Frontline Feedback project.
  • Feedback Request: A feedback request is a piece of feedback that’s been submitted by an employee. An example could be “Give customers the option to subscribe to product updates.”
  • Collections: Collections are used to track work being done and provide insight into what is being worked on. For example, you can create a collection for each of your store locations and group your feedback requests with their relevant store.
  • Comparisons: Comparisons are used to visualize your collections side-by-side. For example, you can group all of your collections related to your physical store locations in one comparison and your collections related to your product features in another comparison.
  • Tags: Topics associated with feedback requests. Topics make searching for related feedback requests easier.
  • Clients: Clients can be tagged on feedback requests in which they are a key stakeholder.
  • Assignee: The user who has been assigned a feedback request.
  • Reporting Data: Frontline Feedback is available as a data source to add to your dashboards to enable custom reporting. In addition you can map your Frontline Feedback data into an existing dashboard to allow for filtering and cross referencing your existing Qualtrics data.

Additionally, this guide contains links to various support pages. Sometimes, these pages are focused on standard Qualtrics surveys, not just Frontline Feedback. While some content may look slightly different when creating your Frontline Feedback project, feature functionality remains the same. Any differences in functionality will be explicitly noted in this guide.