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Web Service Conditions

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Warning: This feature is currently being deprecated. We advise that you no longer use this feature when creating your Website / App Feedback Action Sets.

About Web Service Conditions

Web Service conditions allow an external web service to determine whether or not a creative should display. For example, a resort in Palm Beach might use a web service to check the current weather and offer a special promotion when it is raining outside. You can also pass parameters to Web Service intercept conditions directly in the user interface.

Setting a Web Service Condition

Qtip: For additional information on how web services work, see the Web Service support page.
  1. On either the intercept targeting-level or the action set-level, add logic.
    The Add Intercept Display Logic button to the top-left of all action sets, and the Change/Add Logic button inside each and every action set
  2. Select Web Service.
    Web service is selected and a URL is pasted in.
  3. Enter the URL of the web service you would like to use.
  4. If desired, click Add/Edit Parameters to pass one or more parameters to the web service.
  5. Click Add Parameter.
    Web service is selected and a URL is pasted in.
  6. Enter the name of the parameter in the field.
    Field for name, value, plus and minus signs, and a save button in the lower-right
  7. Set the value of the parameter.
  8. Click the plus sign (+) to add another parameter.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Choose which field from the web service you would like to use for your targeting.
    Select Field menu expanded to Web Service values

    Qtip: If no values appear here, you have not filled out the correct URL for your web service.
  11. Indicate whether you are targeting visitors whose value is Equal To or Not Equal To what you specify in the next step.
  12. Enter the value the web service should return in this condition.