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End of Survey Element


Even though you can easily change the default end-of-survey experience in Survey Options, you sometimes may want a different end-of survey experience for different respondents. For instance, if a respondent indicates they don’t meet the demographic requirements of your survey, you might want to end the survey early for them and display a message letting them know they didn’t qualify.

Respondents who are Male will enter the branch and be directed out of the survey.

With the End of Survey element in the Survey Flow, you can create custom ending points, each with their own unique behavior.

Adding an End of Survey Element

  1. Open your Survey Flow in the Survey module.image03
  2. Click Add a New Element Here or Add Below.image01
  3. Select End of Survey.image05
  4. If the element is not in the correct location, click the Move option and drag the element to your desired location.image04
    Qtip: If you’re using the End of Survey element to screen out respondents, place the End of Survey element in a Branch directly after the block where you would like to screen them out. For more information on using Branches, refer to our Branch Logic page.

Customization Options

By default, End of Survey elements will use whatever Survey Termination settings you have set up in your Survey Options. However, if you want to customize your survey endings, just click Customize on your End of Survey element and click the Override Survey Options checkbox. From here, you can access additional options for changing the end experience for respondents who leave the survey at this point.



The following termination options are available (note that you can select only one message or redirect option):

  • Default end of survey message: Display the generic thank you message (“We thank you for your time spent taking this survey. Your response has been recorded.”) to respondents when they finish the survey.
  • Custom end of survey message: Display a custom message to respondents when they finish the survey.
  • Redirect to single response report: Display a generic report showing the respondent their answers. This gives respondents the option to download the individual response as a PDF.
  • Redirect to a URL: Automatically send the respondent to another website upon completion of the survey.
    Example: When working with a third-party sample provider, they often will have you redirect respondents back to their website at the end of the survey.

The following additional options are available (you can select as many of these as necessary):

  • Send additional thank you email from the library: For contact list respondents, choose a custom thank you email to automatically be sent to them at the end of the survey.
  • Do not increment quota counts: Ignore these responses when tallying quotas.
    Example: If a respondent is screened out of your survey for being too young, they won’t be counted toward any quotas they might have otherwise met conditions for.
  • Show Response Summary: Upon full survey completion, show the respondents a survey overview with their answers selected. This gives respondents the option to download the individual response as a PDF. When this option is enabled, you can also enable Show Response Summary before completing the survey, which allows a respondent to see their answers before submitting them and then go back to change them if the back button is enabled.
    Qtip: If you’re using a redirect to a URL or to a single response report, we recommend that you enable Show Response Summary before completing the survey. Otherwise, respondents can only view the response summary very briefly before being automatically redirected.
  • Do NOT record any personal information and remove panel association (not recommended): Permanently scrub the response of identifying information (such as IP address or any associated contact list information) before saving it in the results. This option is helpful if you need to send your survey to a contact list so that you know who is participating, but you also need to keep individual responses anonymous.
    Warning: Once identifying information is removed, it cannot be restored.
  • Flag Response As: Flag responses as Screened or QuotaMet for the ‘Q_TerminateFlag’ Embedded Data field. You must add the Embedded Data field ‘Q_TerminateFlag’ to your Survey Flow for this column to appear in your downloaded dataset or report.
  • Do NOT record survey response (not recommended): Do not save responses from respondents who exit the survey at this point. This option also automatically enables Do not increment quota counts and Flag Response As Screened-Out. This is useful if you are screening the respondent out of the survey and don’t want to collect a response.
    Warning: Responses that are not saved cannot be retrieved later. Use this method with caution.
  • Screen-out Response: Label and tally responses exiting the survey at this point without having to collect those responses. You can see the number of screened out individuals in your end of survey element by clicking “Show Screen-out Counts” or, If you distributed your survey through the Qualtrics Mailer, you’ll be able to see who was screened out and why in the Status column of the Distribution History.
    Qtip: This feature is not available for all users. Please check with your account representative for more information.