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Salesforce App Installation


This guide is intended to help Salesforce administrators install and properly configure the Qualtrics App on the Salesforce AppExchange. While we do provide step-by-step instructions to complete installation and configuration, this guide assumes some prior familiarity with Salesforce administration, including editing user profiles, permission sets, object layouts, and search layouts.

Attention: The app requires access to the Qualtrics REST API and the Qualtrics Salesforce integration. If you don’t have access to these features, reach out to your Qualtrics Account Executive for more information.

Contents of the App

The app comes pre-packaged with a number of custom features meant to help with the usage and administration of the app. The purpose of each of these features is briefly summarized below.

Custom profiles settings and permission sets

Custom profiles settings come in two forms, Qualtrics Admin and Qualtrics User. These settings are applied to profiles during the installation process and give different levels of access to features within the app.

  • Qualtrics Admin: Provides access to administrative tools within the app. In addition to distributing surveys, administrators can create and edit them.  Administrators can also read and edit Survey records and Survey Response records.
  • Qualtrics User: Provides access to send surveys via the app. Users can distribute existing surveys but are not able to edit or create new ones. In addition, Users are granted read (but not create) permissions on Surveys Responses and both read and create permissions on Surveys.

In addition to profile settings are permission sets. Permission sets mirror the functionality of the profile settings described above, but can be applied at any time and will update with new releases to the app. If a user is given a permission set but is not granted a profile setting during the installation process, they will need to be given permission to view the Qualtrics Surveys tab manually.

Custom objects

  • Survey Responses: This object is a pre-built warehouse for survey responses. It stores each response to a Qualtrics survey and relates that response back to the record of the survey taker. This object comes with many fields, and these can be hidden, deleted, or added to as desired by a Salesforce administrator.
  • Surveys: This object tracks surveys that have been distributed through the Qualtrics app. Each time a survey is sent out via the app, a new record is created in the Survey object. Survey responses can be related back to the Survey record when responses are mapped back to Salesforce, making it easier to track survey responses for each distribution sent with the app.

Custom buttons

  • List view buttons: These buttons allow users to generate a List View of Contacts, Leads, or Campaigns and then send a survey to each record in the list view.
  • Campaign layout button: This button allows users to view an individual Campaign record and, from the record view, distribute a survey to the entire Campaign.

Custom tabs

  • Qualtrics Surveys: This tab allows users to view Survey records for surveys that have been sent using the app. It also allows app administrators to specify message settings.
  • Qualtrics Vocalize: If your license currently has Vocalize enabled, this tab allows you to view any dashboards that you have access to.

Installing the App

To begin installing the app, first navigate to the Qualtrics Surveys listing on the Salesforce AppExchange. Click on the “Get it now” button and follow the prompts to begin installation.

After the initialization process is complete, you’ll be presented with a page asking who you’d like to install the app for. This page is used to apply the custom profile settings mentioned in the prior section. Look at each of the options below to find which setting sounds best for you and follow the instructions for that option.

Qtip: Our recommended method is to install the app for Specific Profiles.

There are three installation options to choose from:

  • Install for Admins Only: This option installs the app only for users with the System Admin profile and grants full administrative access to all System Admins.
  • Install for All Users: This option installs the app for all users in your Salesforce org and grants all users full administrative access to the Qualtrics App.
  • Install for Specific Profiles: This option installs the app for specific profiles and grants varying access levels according to your specifications. Before clicking Install, scroll down and for each profile select what level of access to grant users with that profile: No Access, Full (administrative) Access, or Qualtrics Standard user.

When the installation process is complete, apply the Qualtrics Admin and Qualtrics User permission sets as needed to users you would like to be able to use the app. This will ensure that future app updates will grant these users necessary permissions.

Configuring Permission Sets

To ensure that your app users are updated automatically when changes are released to the app, we recommend assigning the app’s custom permission sets to these users.

Once these users have been assigned, you’ll also need to add their profiles to the Qualtrics Surveys Connected App page. Once they’ve been added, they’ll be able to access the app.

To assign permission sets to users

  1. Go to Setup > Administer > Manage Users > Permission Sets.
  2. View the User or Admin Permission Set.
  3. Select Manage Assignments.
  4. Select Add Assignments.
  5. Use the checkboxes to select the users you want.
  6. Select Assign.

To add user profiles to the Connected App Access page

  1. Go to Setup > Administer > Manage Apps > Connected Apps > Qualtrics Survey > Edit.
  2. Change the Permitted Users option to Admin approved users are pre-authorized. Select OK when prompted.
  3. Select the Save button.
  4. In the Connected Apps menu (Setup > Administer > Manage Apps > Connected Apps), click on Qualtrics Survey to pull up the connected app detail page for the Qualtrics Survey app.
  5. Scroll down to the Profiles section and select the Manage Profiles button.
  6. Select the profiles that should have access to the app and select Save.

Configuring Layouts

In order for your users to send surveys using the app, you’ll need to place at least one custom button in either the search layout for Contacts, Leads, or Campaigns, or in the layout of your Campaign object.

Adding search layout buttons

Search layout buttons are used to quickly send a Qualtrics survey to Contacts, Leads, and Campaigns by generating a list view. To add these buttons, follow these steps:

  1. In Salesforce, go to Setup > Customize > Lead > Search Layouts.
  2. Select the Edit link next to Lead List View.
  3. Select the Send Qualtrics Survey button, then click the Add arrow to bring it to the right table.
  4. Save the page.
  5. Repeat steps 1–4 for the Contacts object.
  6. Repeat steps 1–4 for the Campaigns object.

Adding the Campaign layout button

The Campaign button is used to allow users of the app to send a Qualtrics survey to an entire campaign. To add this button to the Campaign layout, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Setup > Customize > Campaigns > Page Layouts > Edit.
  2. In the palette at the top, select Buttons.
  3. Drag the Send Qualtrics Survey button to the Custom Buttons area at the top of the page layout.
  4. Select Save.

Adding Survey Responses to page layouts

By default, the Survey Responses object contains lookup fields to the Contact and Lead objects. In order to make survey responses appear in a related list on each Contact or Lead when they take the survey, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Setup > Customize > Leads > Page Layouts.
  2. Select Edit next to the layout you wish to edit.
  3. Select Related Lists from the edit box at the top.
  4. Drag the Survey Responses related list down to the location in the Related List area where you wish to place it.
  5. Select the wrench icon next to the related list name to edit the columns and buttons.
  6. In the Columns section, select Survey Response Name and Created Date.
  7. Sort by Created Date in descending order.
  8. In the Buttons section, remove the New button for survey responses.
  9. Select OK to save.
  10. Select Save on the page layout.
  11. Go to Setup > Customize > Contacts > Page Layouts and repeat steps 2–10.

Granting Access to Qualtrics Vocalize

Beginning with version 2.8, Qualtrics Vocalize dashboards can be viewed and modified from within Salesforce. These dashboards can be accessed using the Qualtrics Vocalize tab in the Qualtrics App.

Attention: To utilize the Qualtrics Vocalize tab, you must have Vocalize enabled for your Qualtrics license. If you don’t have access to this feature, reach out to your Qualtrics Account Executive for more information.

If you installed the Qualtrics app prior to March 1, 2016, then you will need to manually add the Qualtrics Vocalize tab to the Qualtrics App within Salesforce after upgrading.

To add the Qualtrics Vocalize tab

Update your profile settings: Profile Settings must be updated for the new Qualtrics Vocalize tab to appear to users. This applies only to custom App and Tab settings in a package. All other field permission upgrades are supported by the permission sets in the package.

  1. Go to Setup > Administer > Manage Users >Profiles and select the System Administrator to start
  2. Locate and select Object Settings
  3. Locate and select Qualtrics Vocalize
  4. Edit the setting and change to Default On

Add the Qualtrics Vocalize tab:

  1. Go to Setup > Build > Create > Apps > Qualtrics > Edit.
  2. Select Qualtrics Vocalize from Available Tabs, then click the Add arrow to add it to Selected Tabs.
  3. Save the page.

Uninstalling the App

Prior to uninstalling the app, all custom buttons, related lists, and permission sets must be removed. If any of these elements are still in place during the uninstallation process, the uninstallation wizard will tell you where to find them. Once the elements have been removed, the process can proceed.

To uninstall the app

  1. Go to Setup > Installed Packages.
  2. Select Uninstall, located next to the Qualtrics package name.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and check the “I accept” box.
  4. Select Uninstall.