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Report Options (360)

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About the Report Options Section

Under the Reports tab is a section called Options.

Report Options section within the Reports tab

The settings found here only apply to subject reports. They determine who is able to see each subject’s report, and when the report is available to the subject.

Report Options

Attention: The report emails described in this section will only send when the project is in an Open (or active) status. If the project is closed, any pending report emails will be cancelled.

Available report options

  • Subjects can access their report: When enabled,  subjects can view the subject report when they log into their Participant Portal. If this is not enabled, your subjects will not have access to their reports.
    Qtip: If you enable this option after your 360 project has been changed to a status of Closed and without preparing your reports, you will receive the following warning:
    Warning window with blue Grant Access in bottom-right
    Preparing your reports can improve loading time and ability for participants to navigate the portal. If you would like more time to customize your reports and do not want participants to have access yet, you may want to select Cancel.
  • Manager can access subject reports: When enabled, managers will be able to see the subject report for each direct report.
    • Manager cannot see report until report requirements are met: If this option is selected, then anything set under Make report available to subject when applies to the manager, too. If this option is deselected, the manager can always access the report, even if the subject can’t.
  • Manager approves reports: This setting is best paired with Subjects can access their report. When enabled, managers must approve reports for their direct reports. If a report is not approved, the direct report cannot see the report when they log into their Participant Portal. Enabling this option gives you two additional options:
    • Allow manager to view individual responses: When enabled, this option allows managers to view PDFs for each individual evaluation of their subjects. This is accessed when the manager logs into the Participant Portal.
    • Email manager when report is ready for approval: When selected, the manager will be sent an email as soon as they’re allowed to review a report for approval.
  • Administrator approves reports: This setting is best paired with Subjects can access their report. When enabled, administrators must approve reports for subjects. If a report is not approved, the subject cannot see the report when they log into their Participant Portal.
  • Make report available to subject when: Here, you can specify when a report is available to a subject. You can limit release based on:
    • The number of days or weeks since a subject or evaluator was invited
    • The percentage of evaluations completed by evaluators of a given relationship to the subject
    • All evaluations of a given relationship being complete
    • Any combination of the above
    Qtip: You have to make sure that Subject can access their report is also turned on for this option to work!
  • Email subject/subject’s manager when report becomes available: When enabled, the subject or subject’s manager will be emailed when the subject’s report is available. Click Edit Email to go to the email they will receive.
    Warning: This setting is not retroactive. It must be turned on before a report becomes available for the email to automatically send. If you don’t turn this setting on until later, it only applies for all subsequent emails. Reports released before the setting was enabled will send out no email notification.
Qtip: Remember, managers are evaluators with a relationship of Manager to a given subject. See the page on uploading participants by relationship for more details on assigning managers.

Prepare Reports

Qtip: This section will not appear in your Report Options unless your 360 project has been changed to a status of Closed.

This section allows you to generate all participant reports before granting participants access to those reports. Granting access to reports that haven’t been generated can slow down the portal. Once reports are generated, participants can be given access to their reports with no worry.

Depending on the number of participants, this generation can take some time.

  1. Click Prepare Reports.
    Blue Prepare reports button over all the other report options
  2. Read the warning.
    Warning window
  3. Click Prepare Reports.
  4. A loading screen will display while reports are being prepared.
    Loading bar at the top of the report options page