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Getting Started with Website Feedback

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Qtip: Want to watch a series of videos introducing you to Website Feedback? Login to Basecamp for a guided learning experience on Implementing a Digital Feedback Program. Access is included as part of your Qualtrics account.
Website / App Feedback projects are a great way to reach out to your website visitors. You can create professional and beautiful graphics that appear in special conditions to advertise something or to request feedback. You can also customize when you want to approach visitors – is it for every visit? Only if they haven’t seen your message yet? Only if they speak a certain language? You can do almost anything you want with the Website Feedback platform. The following pages will cover the steps you need to complete to start putting a dynamic Website Feedback project together.

  1. Preparing Your Targeted Survey
  2. Creating a Website Feedback Project
  3. Building Your Creative
  4. Setting Up Your Intercept
  5. Testing & Activating Your Website Feedback Project
Qtip: These Getting Started pages focus on Website Feedback projects. If you are interested in collecting feedback on your mobile app (also known as our Mobile App SDK), check out our Mobile App Feedback Project page.
Attention: If you are a FedRAMP user deploying Website Feedback on a non-government domain, you must request that the Qualtrics Support team allowlists the domain. Please reach out to Qualtrics Support with the specific non-government domains that must be allowlisted by Qualtrics.

Key Terms

You can find a quick definition for the most commonly used terms for Website Feedback below:

  • Projects: Projects are how you organize your Creatives and Intercepts. Every project can contain more than one Creative and more than one Intercept. Projects are most commonly used for differentiating between different websites you may be implementing your Intercept on. If you have more than one team/department in your company using the Website Feedback platform, it is a good idea to use a different project for each team (marketing, HR, etc.)
  • Creatives: This is what will actually display on your site. For the most part, your creative will either display your embedded target or link out to your target. There are a few different creative types you can choose from, the most common being a Slider, Pop Over, or Feedback Button.
  • Intercepts: Intercepts are used to set the conditions that determine how you want your Creative to display. An Intercept is organized into parts called Action Sets. Each of these Action Sets will contain specific conditions (Logic) under which the Creative should appear, the Creative that should appear, and where the visitor should be redirected if they click the Creative (Target).
  • Targets: Where the links on your Creative should redirect visitors to. Targets can also be Embedded, meaning the survey or page content will appear directly in your Creative.
  • Bookmarklet: A bookmarklet is a tool that allows you to test your Intercept. By dragging it to your bookmarks, you can visit any page you want and click it to activate a preview of your Intercept.
  • Deployment Code: The snippet of code that needs to be placed on your site in order to run your Intercept.

Best Practices

Interested in reading up on some best practices from other sources? Here is some information put together by subject matter experts: