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Usage Metric Definitions

All capitalized terms not defined herein have the meanings given to them in the governing terms agreed between Qualtrics and Customer. Qualtrics may modify these definitions at any time by posting a revised version on this website ( or otherwise providing notice to Customer. By continuing to use the Cloud Service after the effective date of any modifications to these product terms, Customer agrees to be bound by the modified terms.

Response: A Response is recorded and counted for completed and partially completed responses to any survey sent out by a User, subject to the following: (i) Customers will be provided with the functionality necessary to determine whether only fully completed responses are recorded or whether partially completed responses are also recorded as a Response; (ii) if a Customer determines that partial responses will be recorded, those partial responses will count as full responses for the purposes of this Usage Metric; (iii) any response not recorded in accordance with (i) and (ii) will be deleted instead; and (iv) once a response has been recorded, it can be deleted but will still count against the total number of responses a Customer has purchased.

For Cloud Service products that allow video feedback responses, each such video feedback response will one additional Responses per minute of video feedback (noting that respondents could respond with video feedback of more than one minute), in addition to the single Response counted for a recorded survey. For example, if a recorded survey included three video feedback questions and all were responded to with a video feedback response of one minute or less, that survey would consume four (4) Responses (1+1+1+1). By way of a separate example, if a survey contains one video feedback question and it was responded to with a video feedback response of 3 minutes, that would also consume four (4) Responses.

Customer is entitled, during the period of the implementation of the Cloud Services (“Import Period”), to import into the Cloud Service, responses that pre-exist the Customer’s purchase of the Cloud Service (“Imported Responses”), whereby such Imported Responses will not count against Customer’s purchased Responses. Imported Responses that are imported after the expiry of the Import Period will be counted as Responses for the purposes of the Customer’s Usage Metrics.

SMS Text: Credits for the sending and receiving of survey data via SMS. This service is provided by a third party who determines the number of credits that are required to reach applicable survey recipients.

User: Any individual who can access the Cloud Services to edit, view or manage Customer Data and includes those individuals using the Cloud Services indirectly (e.g. via portal or API access) or indirectly accessing Customer Data through an automated process. Each User will have their own access credentials. If a User leaves the Customer’s organization, is no longer permitted by Customer to access the Cloud Services or is otherwise inactive (each, an “Inactive User”), Customer’s Admin User has the option to either (i) retain the Customer Data maintained within that Inactive User’s account, whereby that Inactive User will continue to be counted against the Customer’s User count, or (ii) delete that User’s access credentials and make replacement credentials available to a new individual User. If Customer wants to delete that Inactive User’s access credential while also retaining that Inactive User’s Customer Data, the Admin User is able to transfer that Customer Data to another User prior to deleting the Inactive User’s access credentials.

Page View:
Website: A page view is a recording of each instance a webpage (that is selected by the Customer and which contains the Qualtrics Javascript code or API) is visited, for the purposes of determining if and when an intercept shows and capturing page visit history. This will include instances where (i) an intercept shows on the selected webpage; and (ii) where no such intercept shows.

Apps: A page view is a recording of each instance where (i) the selected application is launched where the necessary SDK Code is added in the app, and (ii) any page within the application is visited where the necessary SDK Code is also added.

Employee: The total number of employees, contractors or other personnel directly employed by the Customer’s organization, unless Qualtrics otherwise agrees in writing.