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About Printing a Survey

The Print survey option is available in the Survey tab’s Tools menu under Import/Export. You can use this feature to print a physical copy of your survey or to save to a PDF.

Qtip: The printable file does not allow for special formatting.
Print survey option in the Tools menu

In addition to the PDF version, you can also export your survey to a Microsoft Word DOCX format and print from Word.

Qtip: If your survey contains translations, the print screen will have a dropdown menu for choosing which translation you’d like to print.

Printing a PDF

Clicking Print survey will open two windows: a printable preview of the survey and your printer dialog window.

Print preview page

The process of printing to PDF varies depending on whether your computer is a Mac or a Windows. Macs have a PDF printer built into their system by default, and so when in the print dialog window, you simply need to choose to print the file as a PDF. Windows computers will need to have a PDF printer (Adobe Acrobat, PDFCreator, CutePDF, etc.) installed. If one is not installed, there will be no PDF print option.

Qtip: PDFCreator and CutePDF are free PDF printer programs, while Adobe Acrobat is for purchase. Note that Qualtrics is unaffiliated with Adobe Acrobat, PDFCreator, and CutePDF and cannot be held responsible for those programs or anything that could potentially occur to your computer. Please use caution with any programs you might install on your computer.

Saving to a PDF

When selecting Print survey, you will also have the option to save your survey as a PDF file. Simply change the Destination to “Save as PDF” instead of a printer location. Once you select Save, the PDF file of your survey will be saved to the downloads folder on your computer.

Save to a PDF selected on the Print Preview window

Qtip: Your printer dialog window is based off of your browser and operating system (Google Chrome vs. Apple Safari and Mac vs. Windows, for example). Therefore, your computer’s display may appear different from what is shown above.

Printing from Word

If you would like to print your survey from a Word Document, you would first need to export your survey to a Word Document. You can find instructions for this in the Exporting a Survey section of the Import and Export Surveys page.