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Vanity URLs

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Attention: To have access to vanity URLs / domains within Qualtrics, you must be a Brand Administrator for your organization.

About Vanity URLs

There may be times when, although you are using the Qualtrics technology, you want to use as much of your own branding as possible on your surveys. This includes hosting the surveys, dashboards, and user accounts on a custom web address, otherwise known as a Vanity URL.


As a Brand Administrator, you can create and manage your vanity domain from the Organization Settings tab. You’ll be able to add new vanity domains, monitor their provisioning status, and even delete them.

Acquiring a Subdomain

The subdomain is the website you want to use for your vanity URL. You can only use a subdomain that you own. You are responsible for finding and purchasing a domain before you set it as your vanity URL. This means that Qualtrics does not participate in this step of the process.

So long as you own a domain and can add a DNS record to it, you are allowed to use it for your Qualtrics brand. You must also be able to create subdomains, as Qualtrics will use the subdomain for your vanity URL.

Qtip: Subdomains do not need to contain your brand name. This is useful if you would like to collect feedback without exposing your brand.
Example: For example, let’s say your company’s website is, and therefore your Qualtrics branded URL is You can purchase the subdomain and use this subdomain as your vanity URL. After implementing the vanity URL, your survey URLs would be


For your vanity URL, Qualtrics requires use of a subdomain. For example, rather than just, use

If you have any questions, reach out to your Account Executive or Customer Success Representative.

Implementing a Vanity URL

Once you own a subdomain, you can configure your vanity domain within Qualtrics.

Attention: In order to configure your vanity domain within Qualtrics, you must contact your Account Executive to purchase vanity URL access.
  1. Navigate to your Admin page.Navigating to the vanity domains in the Admin section
  2. Go to the Organization Settings​ tab.
  3. Select Vanity Domain.
    Qtip: If you haven’t created any vanity domains before, you’ll see a form where you can enter new vanity domain information.
  4. Check that the Qualtrics Brand ID is correct. The value should automatically be filled in with the brand ID associated with the user account you are logged in with.Filling in brand id for a vanity domain
    Attention: This field is here to let you know what brand you’re currently working in. It is purely informational, which is why this particular field is not editable.
  5. Enter your Fully qualified domain name (FQDN). This is the domain name that you own and will be using for Qualtrics URLs.
    Attention: When entering your domain name, make sure to exclude “http” and “https” from the URL.
    Attention: You must own the domain that you enter here. If you need any help registering a domain, please contact your IT team. Qualtrics will ask you to prove that you own this domain later in the process. Please note that Qualtrics is not responsible for purchasing a domain name for your organization.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Enter your Organization name.Filling out the vanity domain form information
  8. Provide a Contact name.
  9. Enter the Contact email.
  10. Provide a valid physical address, by entering the Address line(s), City, Region, ZIP/Postal Code, and Country.Entering a valid physical address
    Qtip: Refer to ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 for assistance in finding and formatting the country field. The Region field must be formatted as the full name for the region. For example, “Utah” would be accepted, but the abbreviation “UT” would not.
  11. Enter a Phone number.
    Qtip: You will need to format the phone number numerically. Please do not include any special characters in the phone number, such as “+” or “”.
    Qtip: The information you enter here will be shown in the details section of the future TLS certificate. For example, your certificate might look similar to this:
    TLS Certificate example
  12. Click Next.
  13. You will be presented with a domain, which belongs to Qualtrics.Qualtrics domain with the copy symbol
  14. Copy this qualtrics subdomain.
    Qtip: By adding the given CNAME record, you will prove that you actually own the vanity domain name. Qualtrics uses a DIG tool to assist the validation. Please reach out to your IT team to help get this public DNS record created.
  15. Click Validate CNAME.
    Qtip: You are safe to leave and close the browser during the time period when you work on the CNAME validation. Next time you come back, all the information you previously submitted will be automatically retrieved so you will not need to re-type any of it.
    Qtip: If the CNAME validation does not pass, you will receive an error message.Error message for CNAME validation
  16. Once the CNAME validation is successful, click Next.
  17. Review your fields before submitting them.Reviewing the fields
    Qtip: If you wish to change any fields, click Back.
  18. Once you are satisfied with the fields entered, click Start Domain Creation.
  19. Enter your fully qualified domain (FQDN).Entering the fully qualified domain name (FQDN)
    Qtip: Domain creation can take up to 7 business days. Because of that, this step exists to ensure that you have entered your domain correctly, and that you are certain you would like to continue.
  20. Click Start Domain Creation.

Viewing Vanity Domain Status

After clicking Start Domain Creation, you will be brought to the status page, where the domain will be shown as Pending.

Domain status page

Once the certificate is successfully provisioned and deployed, the domain’s status will change from Pending to Active.

Qtip: You can visit the vanity domain tab at any point to view the status of your domain. Please note that the preparation of the vanity domain can take up to 7 business days.
Attention: You can also choose to Delete your vanity domain once the status is Active. However, this will cause the domain to be unable to serve traffic, so make sure you are absolutely certain you want to delete the vanity domain before you proceed.

Vanity vs. Branded URLs

At Qualtrics, there are two ways to brand the URL of your surveys: the Vanity URL and the Branded URL.

Vanity URLs, as explained above, are when the domain itself is modified, such as using

Branded URLs are when a subdomain appears before For example,

Branded URLs do not require that you purchase a domain. Your Branded URL is set up when you purchase your Qualtrics license. Once your Branded URL is set, it cannot be changed.