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Single-Instance Incentives

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Warning: We recommend you take extra care when setting up surveys that involve incentives (e.g., with the Tango Card extension described on this page, setting up anonymous raffles, or setting up your own incentive survey). Using the correct settings and configuration is essential to ensure that the incentives are restricted to your intended respondents. Without appropriate settings, it may be possible for people to take advantage of your survey distributions and claim the incentives. Please carefully review the settings you can use to protect your survey on the Survey Protection page.

About Single-Instance Incentives

Incentives are a great way to increase respondent engagement and improve response rates. As the name suggests, single-instance incentives are only set up for one survey at a time. They allow you to reward your respondents for participating in your survey.

Currently, you can add incentives to your survey by integrating with Rewards Genius’ Tango Card program.

Tango Card Task

Qtip: If you don’t have access to the Tango Card Task, you may need to ask permission. Contact your Brand Administrator to get the permission enabled for your account.

Setting Up in Tango

The Tango Card with Rewards Genius is a great way to create incentives for your respondents. However, before you set this up in Qualtrics, there are a few steps you have to take in Tango. Go to Tango’s Qualtrics Integration page for more information.

Setting Up in Qualtrics

  1. In the Actions tab, follow the directions to create an action and set its conditions.
    Qtip: This step determines the conditions under which a respondent receives an incentive, so it is important to set this step up correctly. If you want every respondent to receive an incentive, do not set a condition.
  2. Click Add Task.
    Add Task button in bottom-left of action
  3. Select Tango Card as your task.
    the tango card event
  4. Select whether Respondent emails will come from a list of contacts (meaning you emailed the survey, used personal links, or used an authenticator) or if Respondent emails will be captured via survey question (meaning you ask for the email address in the survey).
    method of selecting emails

    Qtip: When you have Respondent emails will be captured via survey question selected, click the Piped Text button to select the survey question where you ask for the email address.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Enter your Tango Card Incentive Program ID. Read the instructions for help finding this in your Tango account.
    tango card incentive program ID is filled out
  7. Click Continue.
  8. You will see a screen confirming your Tango Card information. Click Finish to confirm the it is correct.
    Tango Card Gratuity window
Qtip: Qualtrics Support is only responsible for providing support for the functions that occur in the Actions tab; Tango Card / Rewards Genius is only responsible for providing support for the Tango Card rewards system.