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Meta Info Question


The Meta Info question is a hidden question that will track and report basic information about your respondents, such as their operating system and browser. This question is often used for troubleshooting or for understanding the technical setup of your respondents.


Qtip: Forget to add a Meta Info question before launching your survey? No problem! Just add the UserAgent Embedded Data Field in your Survey Flow and you’ll have access to a lot of the same information.

Using the Meta Info Question

The Meta Info question does not require any special editing or preparation. Simply add it to any page of your survey that every respondent will see. Please note that the Meta Info question must be on a displayed page for the data to be gathered.

The Meta Info question gathers the following information:

  • Browser: The browser the respondent is using (e.g., Chrome or Internet Explorer).
  • Version: The version of the browser the respondent is using.
  • Operating System: The operating system the respondent is using (e.g., Windows or Macintosh).
  • Screen Resolution: The size of the respondent’s computer screen (in pixels).
  • Flash Version: The version of flash (if installed) the respondent is using.
  • JavaScript Support: “1” if the respondent had JavaScript enabled on their browser, and “0” if they didn’t.
  • User Agent: The entire string of text supplied by the respondent’s computer used to retrieve the details above.

Downloaded Data Format

In the downloaded dataset, the Meta Info question type displays one column for each of the above fields.