Insight Platform - Using Marketo | Qualtrics

Using the Marketo Integration


Once your Marketo account has been integrated with Qualtrics, you’ll need to create a custom Lead Field in Marketo to store your unique survey links. After you’ve made the Lead Field, you can generate unique Qualtrics links and have them stored in your new Lead Field. These unique survey links can then be used in your Marketo program.

Qtip: If you intend to send more than one survey to a contact, you’ll either want to allow your Lead Field to be updated with the new unique link or create new Lead Fields to store each unique survey link.

Setting Up a Lead Field

  1. In Marketo, navigate to Admin.
  2. Click Field Management.
  3. Click Field Action and select New Custom Field.
  4. Select URL from the dropdown menu for Type.
  5. Give your Lead Field a Name.
  6. Click Create.
Qtip: Once you’ve generated unique links for your list, you can prevent your Lead Field from being updated by selecting Block Field Updates in Marketo.Block_Field_Updates

Generating Links from a Marketo List

  1. In Qualtrics, navigate to the Distribution module.
  2. Select the Personal Links tab.
  3. Click Generate Links.Generate_Links
  4. For the To field, select Marketo Lists.
  5. Search for your Marketo List by typing the name of your list in the search bar.
  6. For the Marketo Lead Field, enter the name of your Lead Field.
  7. If desired, set Embedded Data fields (this will allow you to include information about your Marketo Lead in your Qualtrics survey).

    Qtip: Make sure to save the Embedded Data field in your Survey Flow.
  8. Set the Link Expiration.Link_Expiration

Using a Token in a Marketo Email

  1. In Marketo, create a New Local Asset.
  2. Select Email as your New Local Asset.Local_Asset_Email
  3. Give it a Name and select a Template.
  4. In the HTML of the email, click Insert Token. Insert_Token2
  5. Click the Token dropdown list and select your Lead Field (the one created to store the unique survey link).
  6. Click Copy from HTML to add the token.