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Reusable Choices

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About Reusable Choices

Whether you’re running a brand recognition survey or asking similar satisfaction questions throughout your survey, sometimes you’ll need to reuse the same list of choices for many of your questions. It can become tedious to copy and paste the same choices over and over, so how else can you make this process quick and easy?

Reusable choices allow you to save a list of choices in your survey that you can reuse in more than one question. If you realize later that you forgot to add a choice, you don’t have to edit every question individually. You just edit your reusable choices, and all questions using this feature will change automatically.

Qtip: If you add reusable choices to your survey, you will not be able to store that survey as a reference survey. You will receive an error message stating that “You can’t copy a survey with an active reusable choice list to the library.”

Creating Reusable Choices

You can create reusable choices manually or by importing them. Reusable choices apply to one survey at a time; editing your reusable choices in one survey won’t change them in a different survey.

Qtip: Read on to see how importing your reusable choices can make it easy to apply the same reusable choices to many different surveys.

Manually Creating Reusable Choices

  1. In the Survey tab, click the Tools button.
    Selecting Manage reusable Choices from the Tools menu
  2. Select Manage reusable choices.
  3. Click on a choice and retype the name.
    Typing choice names, adding and removing with plus and minus signs to the right
  4. If you want to add another choice, click the plus sign ( + ) or press Enter on your keyboard after changing the name of another choice.
  5. To remove a choice, click on the choice and backspace until it’s gone, or click the minus sign ( ).
  6. When you’re finished, click Save.

Importing Reusable Choices

Since reusable choices differ for each survey, saving a file of your reusable choices to import can speed up the process of uploading the same reusable choices to lots of different surveys.

  1. In the Survey tab, click the Tools button.
    Selecting Manage reusable Choices from the Tools menu
  2. Select Manage Reusable Choices.
  3. Click Import From a File.
    Import file in the lower-left of the Manage reusable Choices window
  4. You can download either a CSV template or a TSV template.
    Import Reusable Choice List from File window, complete with example file
  5. If you have additional questions on how to format your file, click Read more about column formats.
    Read more about column formats expanded

    Qtip: Input Width does not refer to a limit of how many characters a respondent can type into the box. It is the size of the text box itself.
  6. Once your file is ready, click Browse, then select the edited example file.
    Verify Fields section
  7. Click Show Options to adjust the delimiter. Change the delimiter to Tab for TSV files.
  8. Look at the Verify Fields section to confirm that the file is being read correctly.
    Qtip: If you’re having trouble uploading your file, check out the CSV/TSV Upload Issues support page.
  9. Once ready, click Import.

Formatting Reusable Choices

Click on a choice, then click on the blue dropdown arrow to view additional formatting options.

Choice Options for Reusable Choices

  • Allow Text Entry: Add a text entry box next to the answer choice. For example, if “Other” is a choice, you may want respondents to specify what “Other” is.
  • Text Entry Size: For answer choices that have Allow Text Entry enabled, change the size of the text entry box.
  • Insert Piped TextPull text from another survey question, or from a variety of other resources, into your answer choice.
  • Move Up: Move the choice up by one.
  • Move Down: Move the choice down by one.

Hiding Choices

Sometimes, you may decide that you don’t want to include a choice from your list, but you don’t want to delete it.

To hide a choice, deselect the check box to the left of the choice.

Selecting choices along the left

You can show this choice again any time by returning to the Manage Reusable Choices screen and selecting the choice.

Qtip: Remember that this settings applies to all questions with the reusable choices. If you need to hide certain choices for certain questions, try setting answer choice display logic or check out the Filtering Reusable Choices section below.

Recode Values and Variable Naming

Recode values are the numeric values behind each answer choice. Variable naming is the label the data exports when you select choice text format.

  1. In the Manage Reusable Choices window, click the settings icon.
    Settings icon in upper-right
  2. Select the field you wish to edit.
  3. Change the values by typing in the fields.
    Recode Values and Variable Naming
  4. Click Save.

Adding Reusable Choices to a Question

The Use Reusable Choices option on the question editing pane

  1. In the Survey tab, select the question you wish to edit.
  2. Select Use Reusable Choices.

On the right under Choices, it will say 0. If you want to add additional choices just to this question, in addition to the reusable choices, click the number and type out how many extra choices you want.

Teal Reusable Choices banner; On the question editing pane, it says there are 0 choices

Reusable choices are marked by green arrows.

Filtering Reusable Choices

Sometimes, you only want to include reusable choices based on special conditions. For example, maybe you want to hide a brand from the list being assessed if the respondent said they were unfamiliar with that brand in the first question.

  1. Click the dropdown arrow next to the reusable choices
    On the teal reusable choices banner, dropdown to the far right has an Edit option
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Select Use Filters.
    Filter Reusable Choices window
  4. Select a question to based the filter on.
  5. Choose to Show or Hide based on this question.
  6. Select what choices from the selected question to show or hide.
  7. Click Save.
Example: In the screenshot below, Q1 asks what brands the respondent has shopped with. If we ask the respondent about their favorite of the brands, it wouldn’t make sense to include brands they’ve never shopped with before. Therefore we Hide the Unselected choices from Q1, because those are ones the respondent hasn’t shopped with before.
Reusable Choices filter says to hide unselected choices from Q1
Qtip: Another way to only present certain choices from a previous question is to use the carry forward choices feature. You can carry forward choices from any question to another without having to use the reusable choices feature.

Question Type Compatibility

Any question with discrete choices is compatible with reusable choices. This includes: