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CSV Upload Issues


Qualtrics supports UTF-8 encoding whereas CSV files can use either UTF-8 or ASCII. This discrepancy between encoding can sometimes cause issues when importing data from CSV files into Qualtrics. The most common issues occur when uploading a contact list, importing responses, importing files for drill down questions, and downloading data. This page outlines possible error messages that may occur and the steps that can be taken to overcome these issues.

Trouble Importing

If you are getting error messages when trying to import your content, it may be because the delimiter in your CSV file is not in the correct format

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Possible error message that might occur when importing a contact list.

There are two options to resolve this issue:

  • Manually changing the delimiter value in Qualtrics when importing your file.
  • Using Google Sheets to change the file format before uploading to Qualtrics.

Using the second option to change the file format will ensure that the file can be imported successfully in the future without changing the delimiter value. This second option can also be used to ensure that special characters are uploaded correctly (for example, without reformatting, non-English characters like 是 or ñ may not show correctly upon import).

To manually change the delimiter

  1. Navigate to Data and Analysis > Tools > Import Data.
  2. Click Browse and find your file.
  3. Click More shadow
  4. Change the delimiter from Comma to Semicolon (or the ; symbol).no shadow

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Qtip: If your account is not in English, you must manually enter the English spelling for Semicolon or use the ; symbol.

To change the file format

  1. Save your spreadsheet as an XLS file.
  2. Import this file to Google Sheets.
  3. In Google Sheets, click File > Download as > CSV.
  4. Do not open the file in Excel again.
  5. Import the file directly into Qualtrics as normal.
Qtip: If you make any changes to the CSV file on your computer, you will need to go through steps 1–4 again to be able to upload the edited file.

Trouble Downloading

If you’re having issues with your downloaded data (e.g., appearing incorrectly formatted and is difficult to read), it may be due to how the file delimiters are formatted.

A file with incorrect delimiters.

There are two options to resolve this issue:

  • Using Google Sheets to change the file format. This option can also be used if special characters are not downloading correctly (for example, 是 or ñ).
  • Using Excel to change the delimiter value (helpful if you don’t have access to Google Sheets).

To change the file format with Google Sheets

  1. Download your CSV file from Qualtrics.
  2. Open the CSV file in Google Sheets.
  3. Save your file in Google Sheets as an XLS file.
  4. Download the file to your computer and proceed as normal in Excel.

To change the delimiter in Excel

  1. Download your CSV file from Qualtrics.
  2. Open the file in Excel.
  3. Select all the data in the spreadsheet.
  4. Select the Data shadow data
  5. Click Text to Columns. text to columns
  6. Click Next.
  7. Change the delimiter value to the value that is being used in the Excel document (e.g., the data here is presented as a semicolon in Excel and therefore the delimiter value must be set to semicolon). Delimiters
  8. Click Finish and then continue working with your file as normal.