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Offline App Incompatible Features

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About Offline App Incompatible Features

While the offline app is very versatile, there are some features in Qualtrics that are not optimal for an offline mobile environment. This page details the features that are incompatible with the offline app.

Qtip: The quickest way to know if your question will work is to use the Mobile Compatibility Advisor. It checks the question after each save, so it is constantly re-evaluating the question types. However, the Mobile Compatibility Advisor only checks questions, not other features, such as scoring or math operations.

If a feature is not listed on this page, it is compatible with the offline app.

Question Types

Survey Options

Survey Flow Elements

Survey Tools

Pre-set Embedded Data

You can create whatever custom embedded data you’d like, but some special embedded data do not function on the offline app.

  • UserAgent
  • Q_TotalDuration
  • ResponseID

Types of Piped Text

In general, if a feature is unavailable to the offline app, you can’t generate piped text from it. This includes:

  • Web service
  • GeoIP location
  • Opt out link
  • Quota


Unique Functionality

Sometimes there are features that are compatible with the offline app, but have slightly different functionality than usual.

  • Email triggers are compatible with the offline app. However, because you’re offline when you collect responses, email triggers don’t send until you upload your responses.
  • Quotas are not available for the offline app, but you can track responses with contact lists in a similar feature called embedded data tracking.
    Qtip: This feature works best with basic contacts, and is not yet available for XM Directory.
  • You can pipe contacts fields into the survey so long as you are using embedded data tracking.
  • Custom JavaScript is compatible, however, any JavaScript that makes a web request will not function properly since the app is offline (not connected to the internet).