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Reference Surveys


Often, you will need to use the same sets of questions in multiple surveys. Rather than re-creating these questions, you can copy them with a few clicks. The Reference Survey element allows you to take surveys stored in your Qualtrics library and reference them inside your other surveys. Any changes made to the survey questions in your library will also change the questions within any survey they’re referenced in.

Setting Up a Reference Survey

  1. Create a new survey that includes the questions you would like to reference in multiple surveys.image08
  2. Go to My Projects and click on the gray drop down to the right of the survey.image01
  3. Choose Copy Project.image14
  4. Choose to copy to Library.image11
  5. Name the copy.image00
  6. Select the library and folder you want to place the copy in.image13
  7. Click Copy Survey.image12

Using a Reference Survey

  1. Create a new survey or open an existing survey in which you want to reference a survey.
  2. Open your Survey Flow in the Survey module.image06
  3. Click Add Below or Add a New Element Here.image04
  4. Choose Reference Survey.image07
  5. Select the library and the survey you want to reference.image02
  6. If the Reference Survey is not in the desired location in the survey flow, use the Move option to drag the element to the correct place.
  7. Click Save Flow.

After you’ve added your Reference Survey element, you will see the Reference Survey blocks in your survey editor (though they will not be editable) and in your actual survey.


Editing a Reference Survey

Once a survey is referenced in the Survey Flow, any changes made to that referenced survey will be automatically applied to all surveys using that Reference Survey element.

Qtip: Changes to the Reference Survey can only be made within the Survey Library.

To edit a Reference Survey

  1. Go to your Survey Library in the Library section.image15
  2. Click on the gray gear to the right of the survey and choose Edit Survey.image10
  3. Edit the survey questions as desired (only question options and logic settings are editable; a referenced survey takes on the theme of whatever survey it is referenced into). Any changes will be automatically applied to all Reference Survey elements referencing the survey.image03
    Qtip: You can see the number of surveys linked to the reference survey in the upper right-hand corner. Clicking on the notice gives you a list of all the surveys that will be updated with your changes.
  4. Click Back to Survey Library when finished.image05