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Paginated Table (Results)

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About Paginated Tables

Paginated Tables allow you to view all your open response data from Text Entry questions. In this visualization, you can see the specific answer text of a response. The answers are broken up into different pages, and you can switch between pages using the arrows at the bottom of the visualization.

Paginated table with every row displaying respondent feedback

Qtip: When you export your report to PDF, Word, or Powerpoint, the entire table of responses will export instead of the navigation arrows. The public report will have clickable navigation arrows.
Attention: The CSV export for this visualization has a limit of 5,000 responses.

Qtip: When viewing this table in Qualtrics, you can click the icon on the far-right of each row to open the full survey response. However, if you share a public report with a Paginated Table in it, clicking the icons will not display any data. This is meant to protect your survey responses.

Page-like icon on far-right of each row of paginated table

Customization Options

For general settings, see the Visualizations Overview support page. Read on for settings specific to the Paginated Table.

Add Field

Once your table is set up, you can add additional columns of information to it.

  1. Click on your visualization.
    Add Additional Columns button on upper right of visualization editing pane
  2. Click Add Additional Columns.
  3. Click the dropdown arrow and select the additional field you want to include.
    next to the empty field under additional columns, the dropdown arrow reveals a menu of additional survey items to add to the table
  4. Use the plus ( + ) and minus (  ) signs to add and remove additional fields.
    plus and minus buttons next to additional columns
  5. Click the icon and drag it to change the order your fields appear in.
Qtip: Click on a column header to sort the table by that field.
the title of the table is emphasized

Results per Page

Within a Paginated Table visualization, you can customize Results per page. This setting controls how many text responses you will view on each page of the visualization. By default, this is set to 5 results per page, but you can set this to be as high as 100.

results per page slider

You can only change this setting by increments of 5.


Paginated Tables are compatible with all open-text fields that do not have numeric validation on them. This includes:

Paginated tables are also the default visualizations for File Upload and Signature questions.

When adding additional fields to the Paginated Table, all questions and data sources are compatible.