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Descriptive Text & Graphic Questions

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About Descriptive Text & Graphic Questions

Both the Descriptive Text and the Graphic question types let you add content to your survey without asking a question. These question types can be used, for example, as an introduction page to the survey or as instructions for a specific section.

The first page of the survey thanks respondents for participating, but does not include any questions yet.


There are three variations of the Descriptive Text question: Text, Graphic, and File. You’ll find these variations under Type in the question editing pane, located to the right of the question.


The text variation is best for instructions or any other written information you’d like to display to your respondents (e.g., a disclaimer or thank you at the beginning of a study).

A Text/Graphic question is selected. On the right, under Type, Text is selected


The Graphic question does exactly what its name implies—it allows you to insert a graphic you can display to your respondents. On the editing pane, you can choose from the options of No Text, With Text, From URL, and From URL with Text.

a graphic question type. the xm logo is the graphic.

Qualtrics accepts most image file types, though we recommend saving your images as a PNG rather than a JPG.

Qtip: Want respondents to give feedback on an image? Consider using the Hot Spot or Heat Map question types, both of which allow respondents to interact with the image.


You can use the file variation to provide a file for respondents to download to their computer. In addition to selecting the file, look for options on the question editing pane to add question text, to change the link text, or to set the file to download (rather than simply open) when selected.

The Text/Graphic question is set to File.

Qtip: A file can be similarly attached to any other question type by using the Rich Content Editor.