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Sensitive Data Requests

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Attention: Please contact your Account Executive or Customer Success Representative if you are interested in gaining access to Sensitive Data Detection.

About Sensitive Data Requests

If ExpertReview says that a question has “Sensitive Data Requested,” chances are you have created a question that violates a privacy policy established by your Brand Administrator. This means you are asking for information that may be highly sensitive or personal.

For example, your company may want to prevent survey builders from collecting extremely private information such as Social Security Numbers; if you try to create a question asking for the respondent’s Social Security Number, the question will be flagged by ExpertReview.

Qtip: ExpertReview makes suggestions based on privacy policies established by your Brand Administrator. As such, there may be data that could be considered sensitive that your company has chosen not to flag.

Resolving Issues with Sensitive Data Requests

Use the ExpertReview menu or highlight over the iQ icon on a question to get a preview of the word or phrases related to the issue. Here, you can see “social” is one of the words that is flagged.

Highlighting the word social in the question and the gray iQ icon

image showing the "sensitive data requested" warning in the survey editor

If you are asking for sensitive information, it is important that you change or delete your question. Click the minus sign (  ) next to the question, then scroll down to the trash and click Permanently delete to permanently remove the question and any associated data.

Red minus sign left of question

Question selected in the trash at the bottom of the survey builder, on the left is a red button for "permanently delete"

There may be times that a question is flagged that you must include in your survey, or that is not actually sensitive at all. For example, in asking a question such as, “Do you consider yourself a social person,” your question may be flagged for the use of the word “social.” Use your judgement to determine when to delete or simply reword a question. When dealing with sensitive data, it is best to err on the side of caution and remove invasive material. However, the survey can still be published and activated even if this question is not modified.

Qtip: If you are a Brand Administrator and do not like how the question has been flagged, you can change these settings! Click the Change Restriction button to modify Sensitive Data Policy settings. Survey builders who are not Brand Administrators will not see this button or have access to these settings.

Collecting Sensitive Data

If you do not remove questions that request sensitive data, the responses provided by your participants may be redacted. In the example below, see how the open text response is intact except for the respondent’s phone number, which has been hidden.

Data in the data tab

Once data is redacted, it is irretrievable. This is meant to protect the identities and privacy of your respondents, according to policies established by your Brand Administrator.

Qtip: If you are a Brand Administrator and would like to modify how data is redacted, see your Sensitive Data Policy settings. You can flag question content without redacting any results collected. Survey builders who are not Brand Administrators will not have access to these settings.