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Conjoint / MaxDiff Report Sharing (PX)

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About Conjoint / MaxDiff Report Sharing

Conjoint and MaxDiff projects allow you to create publicly accessible versions of your reports and simulators. These reports can be accessed by anyone you choose, even if they do not have a Qualtrics account.

This report is currently available for the following PX reports: Conjoint Analysis Report, Conjoint Clustering, Conjoint Simulator, MaxDiff Analysis Report, and MaxDiff Clustering.

Sharing Conjoint / MaxDiff Reports

Qtip: While this section uses the Conjoint Analysis Report in the screenshots, you can follow the same steps for any Conjoint/MaxDiff reports or simulators.
  1. Click Share.
    the share button at the top right of a conjoint report
  2. Enable Link sharing.
    the link sharing toggle for turning on the public report
  3. If desired, enable Password protection to lock your report behind a password.
    sharing a report. password protection is enabled. under shared pages, the conjoint analysis and simulator reports aree selected while the clustering report is deselected

    Qtip: Qualtrics will generate a random password for your report. If you’d like to make a custom password, simply click on the password in the box and type the new password.
  4. Choose which pages are included in the public report.
  5. Click Save.

When you’re ready to send out your report, return to the Share window and click Copy link to copy the link to your clipboard. You can then send the link out to whoever you’d like to share it with. If you password protected your report, make sure to send your viewers the password as well.
click copy link to copy the link to your report

Qtip: If you need to change the password for your report, you can click Reset password to generate a new one. You can also manually change the password by clicking on it in the box and typing a new one.
the sharing screen. password protection has been enabled. you can copy or edit the password in the password box. click reset password to reset the password

When your viewers go to view the report, they will only have access to the reports that you shared with them. They won’t be able to see any of the tabs for your project, nor be able to navigate to any other parts of the Qualtrics platform.

maxdiff project with all tabs hidden except for the reports that were shared

Report Publishing

When you share your public report, the report will show the default selected report parameters (e.g., the report segments and calculation type). To change what is shown by default, select your desired report parameters using the dropdown menus at the top of the report and then click Publish.

the calculation type and segments dropdown. once you select values, click publish to save them

Qtip: Your report viewers will still be able to change the report parameters. This feature only determines what is pre-selected for the viewer.